here’s all the cocktail recipes you need for a new year’s eve party

by:Xianke     2020-07-04
There are three things for the New Year\'s Eve party: fireworks, kisses and cocktails.
While we can\'t help you with the first two issues, we can definitely make some suggestions while drinking.
So, when the clock strikes 12, do you want a proseck, gin or vodka cocktail that we have ready for you.
From simple cocktails to cocktails on New Year\'s Eve, guests are impressed with everything they need.
Here are all the cocktail recipes needed for the New Year\'s party.
25 ml Samo/clementine juice (
Fresh juice if possible)
10 ml hot wine syrupFreixenet Cordon Negro cavaCinnamon juice and hot wine syrup pour into the flute. Top with cava.
Dust the rim with sugar and cinnamon and end it with cinnamon sticks.
The 15-year-old puther rum 50 ml maple syrup mixes the mixed ingredients of Angora\'s bittersweet mix with ice.
Stir until completely cooled.
Squeeze into rock glass on a block of ice.
Decorate with fresh oranges.
15 ml British guard gin15ml Slue gin12.
5 ml Chambord15ml lemon juice 75 ml Mumm champagne is ice flute in addition to ice champagne.
The top is decorated with Mumm and orange twist.
Chandon Brut sparkling wine the wooden flower wine15ml cordialIce cubesPineapple goes to garnishPour raw material to ice
Add the glass with red beads and add the pineapple piece decoration.
22 ml Jack Daniels 22 ml three sec22ml sweet and sour lemon water, pour Jack Daniels, three sec and sweet and sour into the Collins glass.
Best Lemonade.
Wipe the edge of the glass with icing sugar and decorate it with a slice of lemon.
50 ml Oliver Cromwell dried gin25ml lemon and lime juice 25 ml cranberry syrup (
Made of dried cranberries, 200 ml of water and sugar, taste/leftover cranberry sauce)
OrangeTo makes cranberry syrup just heat the cranberry with medium heat until the syrup absorbs the color and taste of the cranberry.
Add sugar to balance the sour taste of the fruit.
Add all the ingredients to the cocktail mixer.
Add ice cubes and shake hard for 10 seconds.
Take the ice out of the rocking bed, shake it again and inflate the cocktail.
Pour in the iced cocktail cup, just to end.
Decorated with orange twist.
45 ml gray goose vodka30ml fresh watermelon juice 20 ml simple syrup 15 ml lime6-
8 pieces of mint leaves, gently stir all the ingredients together, and then put them into an ice Cup. 37.
Gin18, Portobello Road, 5 ml.
75 ml dessert Wine50ml freshly squeezed grape juice 15 ml egg white 20 ml sugar syrup 20 ml soda lemon juice 12 frozen grapes mix in cocktail shaker last four ice cubes in addition to soda and grapes
Shake hard for 45 seconds.
Put the frozen grapes in and pour a little soda.
Slowly pull the contents of the rocking bed into the glass and hold it up with more soda.
Whisky10ml Kamm & Sons-PX selected by 50 ml Jamesons (Pedro Ximenez)
Pour all the ingredients into Boston tin, add ice cubes and stir for about 30 seconds until fully diluted.
Strain enters the ice cocktail Cup and is decorated with fresh bay leaves (
Capture the scent of the leaves releasing it).
50 ml C. roc vodka15ml
Squeeze lemon juice 15 ml elder wood flower cordial5ml Fernet brancacampagneake make the first four ingredients into frozen martini glass with ice and fine strain
Decorated with two white grapes, sprinkle icing on a curved bamboo cocktail bar.
20 ml Patron Reposado tequila20ml Marini Rosso vermouth10ml CampariOrangeFill short Glass Rock ice.
Pour in tequila, vermouth and camper and stir and decorate with a slice of orange.
50 ml Echo Falls Fruit Fusion raspberry and Cassis25ml cranberry juice 1 teaspoon blueberry jam10ml lemon juice 5 ml cinnamon sugar milk nourishing water edible flowers
Shake for 1 minute and put in a sauce jar full of ice.
Add tonic and edible floral decorations for consumption.
40 ml tequila15ml peach cream sweet wine 10 ml sugar5ml sugar corner currant, stir all the ingredients with ice and put them into the glass.
Decorate it with currant horns.
40 ml Plantation rum15ml coriander smoked black tea (
Or lasansu Chong)
20 ml Maple 15 ml lime juice2 dash Angostura bitters1 dash chocolate bitters1 star anishi add an octagonal to your tin base with the remaining ingredients,
Put in the frozen Viitta Coupette glass and eat it immediately.
15 ml raspberry vanilla vodkaAppletiserRaspberries liquor30ml and a lemon, garnishMix raspberry wine with vanilla vodka.
Pour the tumbler with ice.
Appletiser is on top.
Decorated with raspberry and lemon wedges.
50 ml Glenfiddich 18-year-old whisky15ml Fino sherry15ml CampariOrangeAdd add all the ingredients to the mixed glass or tin and stir for 15-20 seconds.
Put in the refrigerated coupe glass and decorate it with orange peel.
45 ml gray goose down vodka30ml lemon juice15ml sugar syrup10ml Pour all ingredients into the cocktail with perfume Vie8 drop Peychaud bittersDash egg whiteAdd.
Shake violently for a few seconds without ice, then add the ice and shake until it cools.
Tighten the glass with sterilized earrings and decorate it.
Cocktail prepared with 25 ml Crown vodka15ml Cointreau50ml chocolate syrup15ml lemon juiceOrange zestChill Martini Cup ice.
Add the above ingredients to the rocking bed with some orange peel.
Shake well with ice.
Extra dry with a little martini, clear the glass of ice and edge.
Use the filter to pour the drink into the glass.
Decorated with orange peel, with a portion or more of Terry\'s Chocolate Orange.
50 ml Goblin share rum25ml lemon juice20ml Furong syrup (
Or make a simple syrup with wood hibiscus tea or flowers)
All the ingredients on the ice have eggs.
Pull into the glass of the coupe.
50 ml Hennessy and CONIX 20 ml cherry liqueur 25 ml lemon juicing 35 ml grapefruit syrup Shake all ingredients with ice and then put the fine into the frozen glass.
1/2 cup frozen pineapple 2 pieces canned pineapple 1 cup pineapple juicing 3 cups coconut wattvo tbsp pina colada mixerGrenadine add Ice Cube will be in addition to grenadine
Add the pomegranate and decorate it with pineapple and cherry.
35 ml Beefeater gin15ml lemon juice 15 ml elder wood flower cordial75ml Mumm champagne is ice flute in addition to ice champagne.
The top is decorated with bubble and lemon twist.
50 ml wardaka 2 peeled samosu 2 lime wedges20ml hot wine syrupFreixenet Cordon Negro cavaRedcurrant, samojia chips and vodka, acid
Stir with crushed ice and cava.
Decorated with red gallons and powdered sugar.
15 ml vodka15ml rum15ml gin15ml triple sec60ml sweet sour cranberry juice shake one with vodka, rum, gin, triple sec and sour sweet
Stir with cranberry juice.
Wipe the edge of the glass with icing sugar and decorate it with a slice of lemon.
45 ml VSOP Cognac25ml Chardonnay12.
5 ml net hemp Cordial1 a little orange bittersweet, put all the ingredients together with ice into the cocktail shaker and then double into the chilled chou meat.
Decorated with shredded lemon.
50 ml Tamova Vodka100ml tomato juice100ml pantry cracked black pepper lemon juicePinch 185g2 storage room of peri1 dash dashboard lime juice1 dash bramwells Horseradish sauceAdd mixed tank of all ingredients stir ice cubes to the cold.
Take a tall collins glass filled with ice cubes and add cracked black pepper to the edge.
Pour Bloody Mary into the mix.
Add cracked black pepper to the edge of the glass and decorate it with stuffed bell peppers, pickled cucumbers and fresh basil.
30 ml rum Diplomatico rum25ml Brugal rum5ml Pyrat rum5ml Cherry brandy5ml sugar syrup2 galloping Angsotura BittersRum-
Soak the raisins together, shake the ingredients well, pour them into the glass and put them into the rum-soaked raisins.
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