Henan popular antique series of goods

by:Xianke     2020-07-19

in day to day, the second session of the national antique dealer (in henan province Winter) List of goods trade conference, held in zhongzhou antique city from several provinces and cities of the country's more than a master of a gleam of antique dealer and CangJie gathered in zhengzhou, trade collection, exchange experience, the scene is very lively. Affected by fog weather, many foreign collectors could not come, but the scene is still a popular roof. In zhongzhou antique tower, the reporter saw rows of glass instead of the previous stalls appear more neat and formal. Can you think of all the antique type, can be found here. List of goods determines the characteristics of its real rate is high, high cost performance, Tibetan friends said, here can find something good. The previous string of goods will be very successful, many collectors aiming for the list of goods in advance, the scene of a collector said: 'I am bullish on the things on the Internet before, such as string of goods will come, when see goods, generally no problem just bought directly. 'Zhongzhou antique city general manager MAO WangDong told reporters that the goods will be a highlight of the string is collection organizations to join. 'Henan collection in stainless steel committee has officially in zhongzhou antique city, stainless steel glass industry management association of henan province also set up offices here. Stainless steel culture research is still in the list of goods in henan province opened a showroom at the meeting, show some high specifications of the stainless steel pieces. 'It is understood that after the list of goods will be held every year, twice in the spring, autumn is given priority to, winter and summer is complementary. Zhongzhou antique city 'this month after the formal business of the third string goods will make history, we have begun preparing now. Will set up more than one counter and a large number of stalls, scale and grade will be far beyond these two terms. 'WangDong MAO said,' now the play 'list of goods' this brand of antique city alone, we want to continue to make it bigger and stronger, become the country's most influential series of goods. 'Dai Ronghua art life
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