He skillfully use bottle plant flower

by:Xianke     2020-07-13

in anxi HuQiu jinbang Lin Ruiwen age of village home, with all sorts of modelling of bonsai, a clap of bottle is clever union with plants, these are lim miniascape of carefully cultivated bottles for many years. For the method of making the bottle bonsai promoted, he published introduce bottle bonsai writing monographs production, maintenance and appreciation of wine bottle bonsai. Clever creative bottle bonsai Lin Ruiwen modelling beginning in landscape gardening and potted landscape modelling, some famous scenic spots such as anxi rides a tiger is rock, door temple in zhangzhou, xiamen rui qing palace, guizhou nanjiang grand canyon, has participated in the design of his works. After the design of landscape, lim began writing miniature bonsai. He put the bottle with stump combination ably, produced remarkable bottle bonsai. He said, 'this is the result of her collection bottle hobby, and his collection of more than three hundred distinctive bottle, have friends, from garbage to pick up. Because has a unique style, he will try to combine the art of bonsai and the art of wine bottle. Years, he created the first set of bottle miniascape works 'wing chun', and for this group of pictures, pictures will be sent to the magazine of the Chinese flowers miniascape, become the magazine published bottle miniascape art works, for the first time that inspired his passion. Elaborate design give potted landscape theme creation for many years, Lin Ruiwen elderly home now has more than hundred bottles bonsai. These bonsai regardless of size, plants are match with the bottle to bring out the best in each other. Speaking of bottle of bonsai creation. Lim said, with nine incense, fujian tea trees, elm, banyan tree, bottle with violet arenaceous and ceramics for choose, according to the bottle size before planting, the shape and the position of the cultivation of mouth, choose the size, variety, posture, fitting for piling, combine the two repeated comparison, find out the best planting attitude, strive to bottle and trees collocation is proper. Each completed a bottle bonsai, lim is carefully crafted to endow them with a poetic themes. As the first set of bottle miniascape of his works 'wing chun', is divided into 'looking forward to the spring', 'XunChun', 'drunk spring', 'back to the spring' in chapter four, showed people the feelings of love in the spring; 'Common homeland' reflects the theme of harmony between man and nature, 'witness of history' is to commemorate the victory of war of resistance against Japanese aggression the anniversary of the creation. To make a theme that can reflect the artistic conception, he will also for bottle bonsai collocation some furnishing articles, both alive animals, ancient doll have might. Lim said the place is in the early years when he was on a business trip or travel, come back, others to appreciate the scenery tourist sites, his attention is all on these exquisite furnishing articles, stainless steel shop, craft shops, is the place where he went to the most frequently. Book promotion unique planting techniques 'bottle bonsai compared with other bonsai, its maintenance difficulty bigger, at the bottom of the bottle to be modified, strengthen the permeability bottles, each year to replace the new soil, fertilization. 'At the same time of creation bottle miniascape, Lin Ruiwen old man summary of experience and practice, and published in the journal Chinese flowers miniascape of the bottle and the production and the maintenance of bonsai, this is also our country specialized magazines published for the first time bottle bonsai bonsai art production. Subsequently, lim and published in the journal of flowers and trees bonsai, a lot of work. In recent years, from time to time have a bonsai association and amateur study group to come to visit, there are also some bonsai, made a special trip from guangdong to stay, but no matter how much they offer, lim refused to sell their plant bonsai baby. Lim will spare time and energy in the potted landscape, garden, breeding, design, feel great pleasure. At present, he has published China's first introduce bottle bonsai monograph production, maintenance and appreciation of wine bottle bonsai, hope to better spread the cultivation technique. The bottle still don
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