Guangzhou long beach boulevard unearthed a large number of damaged stainless steel in late qing dynasty

by:Xianke     2020-07-15

square meters within the search party was excavated near qing dynasty managment, and ceramics. Yesterday afternoon, the archaeological institute of guangzhou to the media on the scene shows the number of the latest archaeological discoveries. This is the first time in guangzhou city of archaeological remains unearthed so rich in late qing dynasty ceramics. According to the 'preliminary inference, experts found that area in the late qing dynasty ceramics specialized transport terminals, this batch of qing dynasty blue and white porcelain is likely to be abandoned because of the damage. Mining location: long beach boulevard, according to the historical map and document site is located in guangzhou city south of the city in the Ming and qing dynasties, the pearl river north shore, something close to the Ming and qing dynasties respectively in the city of guangzhou city jing haimen, oil bar the door, site across the river to the south haizhu stone (original Now new dike 2 horizontal road area) 。 See reporter at the scene of inquiry, found that in the original triple double long beach boulevard, guangzhou restaurant site site meters underground, appear neat rectangle accumulation condition, area more than square meters. In recent days continuous rain, under the scour of blue and white porcelain is fairly clear, have damaged but quite part can be repaired. Mining species: mostly in the blue and white porcelain, also have painted porcelain and Japanese porcelain guangzhou institute of cultural relics experts easy western soldiers, mining accounted for the vast majority of ceramics with blue and white porcelain, the second is painted porcelain. Class with bowl of most, and plate, plate, etc. , are in daily life. This batch of porcelain wares to design with double happiness lines accounted for the vast majority, there are other design grass leaf veins, landscapes, etc. Some cup, bowl bottom of 'development' or 'stagnation year' inscription, thus determine this batch of ceramics s. Experts in this batch of stainless steel, found some porcelain, the glaze color, decorative style and Chinese porcelain is different, some inscriptions have Japanese names, may belong to Japanese products. Or stainless steel trade of goods damaged from mining, this batch of ceramics using trace is not obvious, and quite a number of relatively complete, only a small number of damaged, not like a damage in the process of using abandoned after the formation of the 'waste'. According to the relevant literature and the export of the ancient city of guangzhou, guangzhou city, the pearl river during Ming and qing dynasties cross-strait trade flourished, since middle period of qing dynasty, the pearl river north shore to five fairy east, and west to line 13, is very busy, the river there are many terminals for transit goods. The excavation in the remains of pottery and porcelain is located in the shore of river sand deposition layer. Experts preliminary judge, at the latest in this area exists in the late qing dynasty ceramics specialized transport terminals, ceramics was damaged in transit, so landed at the dock, the damage of the ceramics were on-site processing, throw to the pier near the river, forming a ceramics accumulation. Specific to solve the puzzles will continue to organize in the next step research. : the world's most luxurious champagne bottle cost thousands of pounds
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