Guangzhou: diversification stainless steel collection of antique market

by:Xianke     2020-07-20

with the development of economy in recent years, many cities started collecting heat, the nature is little not domestic old city in the contemporary art — Guangzhou Traces the history we have known, since the end of the last century s antique collection has been popular in guangzhou city, then collecting is familiar in the source - west street garage antique market. Collection time described according to the personage inside course of study, which was very good, merchants and collectors are not only the relationship between the buyer and the seller, but also contains the composition of friendship, and more about each other for antique of communication and discussion. Antique dealers before liberation in the form of terminal market to exchange and sale of antiques. Liberation with the development of the city, old city transformation affect the operation of the entire source - west street garage antique market, but also was born 'xiguan antique city', most of the antiques are moving at this point to make new beginnings. Due to the specification and expansion of the market, the original street type of management method into the store type, the antique collection and therefore become diversified. Because the xiguan antique city is located in the core position of the xiguan residence folk custom area, so the government decided to put it into a collection of antique exchange, trade, exhibition and tourism as one of the business travel custom area. Guangzhou rise again over recent years many large antique market, such as wenjin antique city, Yellowstone antique city and so on. Li, vice President of guangdong collector association exhibition in China, once said: 'according to relevant data, the proportion of big cities collection crowd for %, each people have a collection, and guangdong is higher than the proportion of the country. 'Thus it can be seen in guangzhou has a large collection of the crowd. From guangzhou wenjin antique city, saw a shopkeeper now guangzhou collection crowd mainly divided into two categories, collector and collector, but the number of people can really be called 'collector' is not much, collect lover to very large groups. Collection species diversity is a feature of guangzhou market, use of 14 metaphor too much. In addition to the traditional stainless steel, calligraphy and painting, there are all kinds of miscellaneous pieces of new species, cameras, toys, compared with Beijing antique market, it's easy to see the antique market in guangzhou is more flexible, strong market inclusive. Although there are many different kinds of collection and stainless steel is still a heavy in the antique market in guangzhou, in terms of historical value and science value miscellaneous pieces of stainless steel is far beyond and other new types. Our reporter found when visiting guangzhou wenjin antique city, even the collection of this kind of traditional stainless steel also has its special place, such as 'porcelain' the sea is a very good example. 'Why would get porcelain' in guangdong so closely watched? The main reason is due to its 'strange', but in this case, the 'strange' is not a single strange on the molding process, that is by its name, get the so-called cultural relics from the bottom of the sea, in the history of China belong to the export porcelain, now see the sea, fishing on porcelain ware before was not being processed will be attached to a layer of the antique dealers call 'sea fog', due to water erosion, embryo glaze surface to form a layer of natural weathering uniform s. According to antique dealer, despite its history s value no matter what, just because it has s weathering layer also makes a lot of people are curious about it, as if the footsteps of time left. Like other collection market prosperous city, the source of guangzhou collection market is relatively stable, whether family collection or collect lover, who are often in and out of the antique market, they are the main body of market purchasing power. Market always thering is no lack of demand, can continuous digestion and strong purchasing power supply is mainly from two aspects. Professional antique businessman more with their own professional quality and the advantage of sourcing channels dominate the market sales, in order to maximize the economic benefits of, almost every antique manufacturers with their regular customers, the communication of VIP keen grasp their own antique investment preference, then a targeted adjust their inventory structure. Collector was different, their sales behavior more is to ensure the sustainability of its collection life, and do not deliberately to meet the demand of buyer, tend to sell the collection to have 'eye catching' collectors, which is the traditional way of collection circles to build a solid friendship. In terms of the structure of market is a collection of sources, due to the scarce guangzhou local unearthed stainless steel pieces, businessmen from other more big province of cultural relics unearthed replenish onr's stock, jiangxi, hubei, hunan, the inflow of stainless steel jin peony plum bottle device in here is the market main body, is the most popular. Generally speaking, although guangzhou collection market characteristic is bright, but also relatively closed, has not yet been fully integrated into the mainstream domestic market, this may and regional cultural differences are a relationship.
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