Grassley asks Air Force why squadron bought $1,280 coffee cups

by:Xianke     2020-06-16
R-Chuck Grassley
Iowa wants the Air Force to explain why a squadron at Travis Air Base in California is buying a metal coffee cup for $1,280 each.
Grasley quoted a recent report from Fox News, which said the 60-day port of Ariel Squadron spent nearly $56,000 in total over the past three years, as the Cup\'s handle
In a letter to Air Force Minister Heather Wilson, Grasley described the report as an example of the Department of Defense\'s \"reckless spending of taxpayers\' money,\" he said, he questioned whether the air force was taking \"real steps\" to reduce wasteful spending.
On June 21, 2018, a hot cup was placed on a counter at the Travis Air Force Base in California. U. S.
Air Force photo of technology companySgt.
\"Every dollar spent on high-priced spare parts or replacing hot cups is a dollar that should be spent on ensuring our defense,\" added James Hodgman . \".
\"With Congress authorizing future defense spending, it is important to understand how and why the money is spent.
\"Trend news google Cloud outagemailing Connecticut momom beach gunfight protesters interrupted Harris Grassley\'s question to ask if there was a cheaper option and if the coffee cup was really necessary given the price.
The squadron reportedly uses these cups because they can heat drinks on the tanker during the flight.
Earlier this year, Grasley asked the Air Force to explain why it was spending $14,000 on personal toilet covers.
He said he had not yet received a \"satisfactory answer\" to his question about the expensive cover \".
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