'Graduation' light 'record' (more than 360 bottles Figure 】

by:Xianke     2020-07-15

wenzhou university graduates on weibo zhang drying out a few pictures of in the bedroom with a beer bottle, students drink 'record' netizens attention. Yesterday, zhang told reporters that beer is junior to senior this period of time accumulated, there are multiple. Wenzhou university student affairs office said, students can graduate with moderate to celebrate, but excessive drinking is not permitted. Month day, a net friend in sina weibo sent a few photos, attach 'this rhythm, a fire' of the text. Photo shows on the floor of a school dormitory filled up with the many beer bottles, students in turn to take picture with beer bottles. This tweet caught the attention of the netizens. Someone commented that: 'the fact is that they are closed beer bottles, work-study programs of the boy. 'Is better than from sigh said:' when we have the graduation, really weak. 'Said there are unconvinced, their dormitory more cattle, what all have, bottle boxes. Students some advice: 'want to use this boldness and courage in the right direction. 'Yesterday afternoon, the reporter in touch with net friend of tweeting, he claimed to be surnamed zhang, is wenzhou university humanities college graduates. Zhang said, four for next semester, he has worked as an intern in a shoe company. June 21, he back to school take graduation certificate and attend the graduation ceremony. Several roommate back to the dormitory, beer bottles are piled in the corner of the room, put together, then take photos with pictures. Bottle glass
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