Goodbye to take-away coffee cups and drinking straws - DCU aims to become a \'plastic-free\' campus

by:Xianke     2020-06-16
As the University of Dublin tries to become \"plastic\", the past away from coffee cups and straws will soon become DCUfree\' by 2020.
The City University of Dublin has announced the first phase of a new sustainability program that will make their campus a \"plastic campus\"
Free in two years.
From September, they will remove take-out coffee cups and straws from the campus.
A series of orders have been identified by DCU
The use of disposable plastic items is eliminated due to their harmful effects on the environment. Single-
Use plastic takeout containers, takeout tableware and single person
By September, the use of plastic bags will also become one of the items eliminated on campus.
The university says plastic water bottles and soft drinks will be completely eliminated by 2020.
Ambitious \"plastic-
As part of the DCU green campus week, free projects are already in progress and plastic cups and glasses are immediately out of campus.
Dennis Norton, Minister of Communications, Climate Action and the environment, started plastic with the president and the DCU student union-free drive.
\"I commend DCU staff and students for their leadership on this issue.
\"As a society, we discarded the incredible 80 PCs we produced after one use.
We face a global and national plastic crisis that our young people solve by leading by example and helping to change collective behavior.
I congratulate DCU for playing its part in solving plastic problems.
Professor Brian MacCraith, president of DCU, explains how the university is committed to putting sustainability at the heart of all its activities.
\"We have sustainable development as a key theme, which reflects the DCU\'s commitment to addressing very realistic challenges at the local and global levels.
Today\'s announcement is the beginning of the journey, which will help to develop best practices for students, employees and society around us.
Green Week of DCU (19-
March 23), under the leadership of the student union, a presentation on sustainability initiatives will be held throughout the university to study the impact of the decline in the number of bees on our ecosystem, the students replanted wildflower meadows next to the university library with a seed bomb.
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