Give China a bow: tell me about the burden of bottle in the qing dynasty

by:Xianke     2020-07-12

China since tang dynasty, in the form of a smooth surface and clinking, rarely with cover or with something. But when he saw the baggage bottles in the qing dynasty, really let me eat a surprised. Baggage bottle like on the China 'play' a big bowknot, as a result, implements it appears more lively. Baggage aka bag cylinders, initiative is the qing dynasty, began to burn Yu Kangxi years, its shape is generally a convex carving decoration on the bottle of baggage belt or band. 'Baggage' and 'BaoFu' homophonic, meaning happiness auspicious. Because of its unique shape, grain is exquisite, and hidden moral good, therefore, the price has been expensive. Figure shown in this bottle to pastel yellow baggage jiaqing years, about. Cm, mouth, thick neck, shoulder, drum abdomen, the abdomen to shins, gradually closed, ring foot out. In ShiSong green glaze, mouth along and ring foot edging gold; Full draw pastel yellow glaze the ground, outside the mouth along the exteriors ruyi yuntou lines and shins, act the role ofing lotus-shaped lines, neck and abdomen theme grain for the tangled branches sweet lotus lines, the neck ribbon with bat bit 'swastika' word, abdominal convex carving a red towel. ShiSong at the bottom of the green glaze, seal character 'qing jiaqing years' word, when for jiaqing years of imperial kiln system. The whole bottle making elegant, smooth lines, color is rich gorgeous, gorgeous, when for the imperial court, because unless the royal, generally the somebody else is not in yellow. The qing dynasty porcelain is like the history of the qing dynasty. At the end of the Ming dynasty, the world is chaos, building ceramics are increasingly barren. Qing dynasty, shuddering, the world did not protect, less leisure industry. Shunzhi and world stability, gradually building ceramics is slowly recovering. After the recovery, however, found that made porcelain industry of building, the emperor shunzhi t-shirts and all the people, not a few years later, pause. To kangxi years, strength gradually strong, made porcelain industry began to fully recover. Personally, plus kangxi like porcelain, porcelain industry is thriving. After kangxi yongzheng emperor qianlong dynasties country prosperous, the qing dynasty appeared prosperous time, building ceramics is also very rich, began to re-invention of porcelain, which in turn is innovation. Coloured drawing or pattern lines also became popular, during this period, like water 'rouge', 'GuYueXuan', has reached unprecedented new heights. Boom-bust, it is the common sense of history, the qing dynasty's national strength by late qianlong gradually decline, jiaqing was the starting point of the qing dynasty by the turning tide, countries in the troubled times, China is showing a decline of weather. So, jiaqing dynasty coating was running out. Not to mention the jiaqing, speak. Pastel is one of the important varieties in in the qing dynasty, it is soft delicate, abound change, and colorful strong luster form sharp contrast, also known as the 'soft color'. Permitted under the modern scale in the water flow zhai said porcelain, said: 'the soft wood also known as enamel, colors are uniform quality, also hard color showily and deep condensate, pastel colored and lavida. 'Adding the lead powder, powder enamel method to use when drawing water dilute is tonal, make the color pink embellish fair art style, is good at performance painted texture of the object, the dusty foliage, flowers more fine feathers that make design with strewn at random have send, coordination of Yin and Yang of artistic effect. Pastel extremely rich decorative pattern, not only has the landscape flowers and birds, and pavilions, make porcelain looks more bright and beautiful, more beautiful. Now, the price of the baggage bottle go up and up, by the qing imperial baggage bottle when in one million yuan price, even the ordinary folk to burn the burden of bottle has also reached the six figures. So, baggage bottle has been loved by the auction collectors can be careful attention.
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