gentleman\'s guide to wedding style: accessories to refresh your old suit in seconds

by:Xianke     2020-07-01
It\'s almost June now, which may mean, at some point in the near future . . . . . . You may attend a wedding.
Upgrade the boring suit you dug out of the back of the wardrobe, just merge one set (or more)
Suggestions for these simple accessories.
After all, the details are good looking.
The first step in bringing your upgraded wedding ensemble together is to pick the right tie.
Your tie pulls your whole look together, adding a bit of texture and color.
Pick a knot that suits your style
Windsor knot is the classic and most suitable for any wedding-
Put it under the crisp shirt collar and look beautiful.
You can easily remodel your suit by adding a quirky tie from your favorite designer, or stick to the basics with a simple knitted silk tie, which guarantees(
Style tip: Be sure to keep in mind that your tie should be tied to a trouser belt or belt. )
Silk tile jacquard tie with Ted Baker Ewing, $125, www. tedbaker.
Seed stitching tie in Monaco, $98. 50, www. clubmonaco.
Of course, the right tie could actually be a bow tie. The once-
Nerdy ties have been re-popular for some time and are considered an alternative to tight ties by fashion gentlemen.
New members of the bow tie game?
Wet your feet with a solid bow tie, which will compliment your outfit before starting to make prints and patterns for serious style statements.
Jacquard bow tie DSquaredSilk, $185, www. luisaviaroma.
ComZara polka dot textured bow tie, $29. 90, www. zara.
You have upgraded your suit with the right tie, but what accessories will change the look of your suit immediately?
Pocket square.
There is nothing more than a simple square fabric that can bring a new life to a suit or define a stylish person.
There is no fixed rule to select pocket square, but the default option is always used with a classic white square that folds neatly.
Colorful retro style
The patterned pocket square makes the simple suit look super stylish-
Remember, it should complement the tone of your appearance, especially the tie.
When you are ready to lift things to a new level, fold boldly by mixing colors, prints and patterns and turn your pocket square into a statement piece.
If you feel right, walk out of the house with confidence.
Pocket Plaza Simonnot GodardCotton, $75, www. harryrosen.
Turquoise fish print pocket square, $80, www. etonshirts.
ComEtro flower silk pocket square, $200, www. Saksfifthavenue.
Adding a bit of hardware to your appearance by comharware is another quick and easy way to help you stand out at your next wedding.
The stainless steel tie allows any combination of shirts and ties to look delicate. (
Style tip: where is the tie?
That little piece of metal should always fall between the third and fourth buttons of the shirt. )
Hugo Boss Tie Bar, $115, www. harryrosen. comNordstrom 3-
Pack a tie and bar suit for $46. 67, www. nordstrom.
Invest in a collar pin when you\'re ready to upgrade your hardware.
Although they are not common right now, the collar is an elegant style statement that is perfect for more formal occasions and can enhance tie knots as an extra bonus.
$48 cable car Clothiers head lead pin. 00, www.
Taxi driver.
ComThe lapel pinthe little pin sliding through your lapels eyelets is another way to keep your trusted navy number two
A work that looks monotonous and boring.
Whether you choose a stylish floral lapels pin or something more fun or whimsical, just add a little dandy to the most neutral set and the lapels pin can turn.
LanvinFlower brooch, $260, www. farfetch.
Pineapple lapels pin for ComSilver, $10, www. thetiebar.
$12 in gold. 00, www. pintrill. comStatement-
If you want to make a serious dress statement at your wedding, it\'s easy to add a pair of statement socksto for you.
They add instant personality.
But in this case, if you want to be a wear \'look-at-
You may want to stick to bright colors, patterns, classic dots or stripes.
Socks with beer cups, guitars and kitschy cartoons are strictly forbidden when it comes to wedding costumes.
Paul Smith print stretch cotton
$32 mixed socks. 39, www. mrporter.
\"Booth\" socks, $21. 64, www. stance.
Big socks, $14. 00, www. hssweden.
Now the general trend of men\'s wear is to go \"without a belt\", but if you want to stick to the convention at your next wedding (
Or any other official event)
If not because of the color, but because of the style, you should wear a belt that coordinates with the shoes.
When picking a belt, try to keep the hardware to a minimum and always avoid counterfeiting
Distressed Leather. (
Style tip: don\'t mix black and brown accessories. )
$49 Banana Republic brown leather modern belt. 50, www. bananarepublic.
Leather belt for CaPrada Saffiano, $460. 00, www. prada.
The good scent of ComFinishing touchA is the perfect finish once you fit into the look of your wedding.
Choose the right, modern and sophisticated things to match your fashion.
Hugo Bosch\'s limited edition boss bottled united perfectly combines the freshness of the outdoors with the urban warmth of the woody note, while Prada\'s spr-
The praiseworthy l\'homme is made of wood and earth and has a quality of intimate condensed milk.
Single guests at the reception will definitely agree.
Boss bottled united, $100 ml, $118, shopper\'s Pharmacy in Hudson Bay, in candapala Horm, $100 ml, in Hudson Bay store, Canada
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