Galvanized ice bucket of protection work before cleaning

by:Xianke     2020-05-28
Galvanized ice bucket in cleaning work, to effectively protect the hearing, you must wear protective foam earplugs and earmuffs qualified products. Operators in cleaning to effective protection of the body, when the high pressure water jet cleaning, you must wear qualified protective clothing, thus effectively avoid the high pressure water jet is invisible. Cleaning USES generally evaporator pressure is higher, the performance of the components and devices of sealing demands will increase accordingly, so, in this way, will lead to higher costs. Thus, galvanized ice bucket when cleaning, not the pressure the higher the better. In addition, once pressure is too high, when jet spray to clean the surface of the object, it is likely to lead to splash, the subject matter of the cleaning or damage, the results cause adverse phenomenon to cleaning, so that can offset the effect of water pressure, may also make water atomization, the results not only reduce the cleaning efficiency, and the cleaning effect is not too ideal. Understand the above content, know the galvanized ice bucket before cleaning key, how to do a good job of protection is of its own and equipment safety. A: a good way to remove frozen disk label next article: ice bucket before production of dry processing galvanized ice bucket
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