Galvanized ice bucket cleaning tips

by:Xianke     2020-05-28
Galvanized ice bucket problems due to its features, in use after a period of time may create a rusty spot because of corrosion phenomena, this needs us to cleaning work, the rust removal life what tips can help? The following is to introduce to you. 1, ammonium sulfate liquid cleaning: with 20 kg ammonium sulfate 1 kg plus water, stir to dissolve and the rusty galvanized ice bucket into it, according to the degree of rust immerse rust off automatically, mild rust sponged off. And then rinse off with clear water. Again immersed in the lime milk or coated with gas liquid rosin rust. 2, gas liquid rosin rust: at the end of the rosin 50 grams, 50 grams of the gasoline, mixed beaten into rosin oil. The liquid coating on no rusty iron farm implements, air-dried rustproof. 3, vinegar cleaning: put the rusty small tools spare parts in vinegar soak to rust layer peeling off easily, with a wire brush cleaning and then put into the vinegar soak in two or three minutes, and wipe dry it. 4, baking soda water cleaning: use a cylinder filled the right amount of water that clean out rice, according to the baking soda and water the proportion of 1:500 add baking soda, stir into tools parts. After a few days fermentation bubble, the surface of the water float a layer of rust. Remove parts and wipe dry. 5, lime milk rust: lime burning, use a small amount of hydration, add right amount water made of lime milk, immerse the iron farm tools in the lime milk. In cleaning the above tips can be a good help to you, our factory produce galvanized ice bucket, price concessions, various specifications of the stainless steel ice bucket from soup to nuts, if you have need can come to our factory to choose the choose and buy. A: not the next article: introduction to the stainless steel ice bucket spraying process of galvanized ice bucket
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