fruit cocktail season

by:Xianke     2020-07-04
Autumn 25,200 5it.
Except that it\'s the season for new opportunities in your social life ---
Refreshing in the summer is your personal best, a serious date. -
Autumn is the growing season of cactus pear.
Pear is the fruit of cactus, now in the market (
They are called \"tunas\" in Mexican groceries \")
They appear in New York in the form of cocktails, including the chellange and blood of La Esquina in Nojo
Red caipirinha in barmarche, East SoHo.
Most bars use the perfect sauce from Napa Valley (www. perfectpuree. com)
Local fines are also on sale. food shops.
But you can do it yourself by buying pears, peeling and grinding the pulp.
The disturbing thing is that it\'s a lot like dating.
You put on your gloves and you have a spike grenade.
The size of the pear in your hand, cut the middle vertically, and then slowly carefully turn it out, reveal the iron and green meat, and scrape it out with a knife.
What you found when you saw it.
It\'s like a heart surgery.
On Wednesday night in barmarché, a woman was in the snow.
White vest, spelling \"Bebe\" with rhinestones on the chest, and sitting on a table with her date, a friendly financial staff
Type of Service: bald banker hair and beautiful striped shirt.
When I sip on the delicious cactus pear caipirinha, my first thought was that the ad would never agree with the date dinner.
This is a fruit cocktail, but it is a fruit.
The taste of cinnamon, a bright red blush. Ms.
Bebe repeatedly swipes her hair with her fingers as if she poured gold coins from one hand to the other.
Then she studied the menu like a back door;
She only needs a minute, while her date is looking for a waiter.
But you never know.
As I stare at the bloody crystal of my glass, Lady
Bebe reached out and invited her date to check her nails as if to reveal details of her childhood.
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In the bar, I was sitting with three single women and a single male drinking and chatting on my cell phone, which seems to have become a way to drink.
You go out, make a phone call, sit on cocktails and warm ears and spill your dreams and sorrows out.
Easier than deciding where to go.
Time to Face Strangers. Ms.
Bebe and her date rubbed each other\'s arms at the end of my drink.
Maybe they will get married.
She may be bored, but in a big house.
Before I left barmarché, I visited the restroom and through the blinds door, and I heard a woman tell her dinner companion, \"I like the place close to the bones.
\"Someone, put her on a bowl of cactus pears to work.
Adapted from barmarché 1 1/2 oz Caca c. a 2 oz Prickly pear sauce 2 teaspoon sugar 1 lime cut (
Keep a small wedge for decoration)
In a mixed glass, mix the lime with the sugar.
Add Caca c. a, prickly skin and ice cubes.
Shake with the lid until it cools and pour in the \"rock\" or the old-
Made of glass.
Decorated with lime wedges.
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Fruit Cocktail season
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