From to Paris: China stainless steel galleries at the Louvre!

by:Xianke     2020-07-12

to commemorate the anniversary of diplomatic relations between the method, a week of 'dunhuang on visual, Chinese porcelain,' China's stainless steel art carrousel exhibition hall the grand opening of the Louvre museum in Paris. On the evening of the opening, the Chinese embassy in France cultural counsellor shao-ping li, Chinese culture media group chairman Liu Chengxuan, city vice mayor Xiong Hao, YanFu, director of the Chinese cultural center in Paris, France DE gaulle foundation chairman Goethe Fran hundred members of the method in the guests to celebrate and visited the exhibition. According to organizers, exhibition exhibition in the Chinese culture important shrine in dunhuang art for the theme for the creation, with stainless steel art forms, highlights China's two representative culture - — Buddhism culture and stainless steel perfect combination of art, for foreign friends to present transmission technology and innovation and development of Chinese contemporary art of stainless steel. This is so far the Chinese contemporary art history of stainless steel scale is biggest, most participants of the highest rank of an international exhibition, exhibition. Participation of Chinese artists of stainless steel piece, piece of contemporary ceramic art high-quality goods, obtain the guest has been highly. Live by the 'in the past, present, and future' of three hall: 'the past hall' Chinese porcelain making technology today can realize all kinds of porcelain effect; 'Now hall' Chinese artists of the moment on the porcelain art concept, value and position. 'Future hall' focus on the various of porcelain art on the future direction. From exhibition planning team, said the exhibition for years, because of the porcelain firing process requirement is extremely high, juggle is destroyed, every piece of work, condensed the author a lot of energy and effort, they for the exhibition are excellence, strive for will be China's stainless steel art and culture to everyone. The purpose of this exhibition is not copy and reproduce the dunhuang mural art, also is not in today's China porcelain with a simple art collection and presentation, but in dunhuang to context, Chinese porcelain as the carrier, research and exploration of the creative cultural background, theme and core value, support and encourage the artist breaks through traditional aesthetic values, reflecting dunhuang civilization of today's meaning. The 'vision China porcelain on dunhuang' China stainless steel art show will be under the sunset, then will also tour in other countries. Stainless steel thin brick is introduced into the 'fast track' stainless steel bottle
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