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Formula for cocktail drinks.
A burning cocktail drink is great for any party or event.
Fire cocktails bring you first-class visuals.
Alcoholic cocktails with flame are designed for adults only and must be carefully drunk or mixed.
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Using a cocktail shake in a burning cocktail drink will undoubtedly improve the visual effect and ensure the party is wonderful.
Lamborghini (flame (Style 1 )
Ingredients1 shot sangbuka, 1 shot blue Curaçao, 1 shot Kaluka, 1 shot Baileys Irish Cream, by pouring kalula into a narrow little glass,
Pour Baili sweet into one glass and blue Curaçao into another.
Light glass with sweet wine and dew.
One person quickly drank through one or two thin straws, while the other poured two other drinks before the last Sambuca and kalua were drained.
Lamborghini (flame (Style 2 )
Ingredients1 lens carrua, 1 lens White Rey Irish cream, 5 lens SambukaMethodPour pour carrua into a small wide glass.
Slowly pour Baili sweet into the same glass and hold it against it with a photo of sambuca.
Put two photos of sambuca in two different glasses respectively.
One would kneel on the glass, or stand on the glass with a pair of glasses in his hand and two pictures of Sambuca in his hand.
Ignite the main wine glass on the bar/table, and when drinkers start drinking through a narrow straw, slowly pour two glasses containing sambuca in into the glass of the bar.
If done correctly, the flame will ignite the falling sambuca, causing the flame to rise into the air.
This burning cocktail is a bit dangerous but amazing.
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Drambuie was shot by DraftIngredients1, and 1 shot Grand marniermethod poured the content into the shot glass and lit it.
Put your hand on the glass to extinguish the flame, then immediately put a straw with your finger and drink what is inside.
Once the content is drunk, take it away and breathe in smoke to achieve the anti-airflow effect.
Burning Sky Ingredients 1 cup campari, 2 cups of brandy, 1 cup of lemon juice, cracked ice wine heated brandy.
Place campari and lemon juice in a cocktail mixer with crushed ice and milkshakes.
Pour the contents of the alcohol mixer into a wide glass.
Ignite the brandy and pour slowly from a height of 12 inch (30 cm )
In the other glass
Drinkers can start drinking with thin straws when pouring brandy or after pouring brandy.
Firery cocktail drink with excellent visual effect.
Fire Red AngelIngredients1 shooting amareto, 1 can of beer, 1 shot more than 151
3/4 full beer with explosion-proof Bagad or sambucaMethodFill glass.
Pour amaretto into the shot glass with 151 rum or sambuca on top.
Light the shot glass and put it in the beer.
Blow out the flame at once and then fall down.
The name of the burning cocktail drink can be easily changed to suit the party theme.
Original B52 flame cocktail drink 1 cup of Baili Irish cream 1 cup of Jundu (triple sec )
Then there is the Baili sweet Irish cream, then the Jundu, and then a glass.
Ignite and immediately insert a thin straw into the glass to drink water from the bottom.
Put all the drinks in your mouth for 10 seconds before swallowing.
The swallow is then inhaled through the mouth to obtain a follow-up effect.
Original cocktail with fire recipes.
1 brandy for Caribbean smoked torch fire cocktail, 1/2 melon liqueur, 1/2 raspberry liqueur, 1/2 white rum, 1/2 dark rum, over 1/2proof rum (151 )
1 cranberry juice, 1 orange juice and 1 pineapple juice.
Method to Pour all ingredients except excess
Add rum to the wine mixer, add 4 blocks of ice, and shake violently. Pour over-
The explosion-proof rum is lit in a glass Brando Cup.
Slowly tilt the snipe glass and rotate until the flame goes out.
Pour in the contents of the brandy cocktail.
If it is correct to do so, aromatic clouds should appear for the time being.
Test Tube Baby Ingredients 1 cup of white rum, 1 cup of bitter AI wine, 1 cup of white AI wine Irish Cream Method Pour white AI wine into the test tube, add rum, float bitter AI wine on the top.
Ignite and let burn for 5 seconds, blow out the flame at once.
According to the size of the test tube used, the amount of ingredients is changed accordingly.
This is a very good burning cocktail drink icebreaker, party will be held soon, the visual effect is very good, all the people who attend the party will like it.
Postage link, Disney themed cocktail recipe with alcohol adult flame SlammerIngredients1 for brandy, liqueur for the month and over 151 for the month
Pour the ingredients into a transparent glass and ignite them.
Quickly, put your hand on the glass to extinguish the flame, put your hand on the glass, raise the glass with another hand, fall on the table and drink immediately. Free Links To:-Christmas -
Festive cocktail drinks
The creepy brain destroying the Santa Clause is true and conclusive evidence.
Feel free to add your own burn cocktail recipe in the comment box below.
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