Five of ancient jun song kiln dragon round wash appreciation

by:Xianke     2020-07-09

is one of five ancient jun kiln in the song dynasty, the northern song official kiln, guan kilns. Song Gu Wenjian 'negative noise record' remember 'a kiln fire between XuanZheng jingshi, yue kiln'. Accordingly, the bian city in the late northern song dynasty ( Now in henan kaifeng) Set up kiln, now called 'bian city official kiln', also known as 'the northern song official kiln', specific site has not been found. Meidefang after crossing the south, in linan ( Now hangzhou) The other model of kiln, guan kilns. Guan kilns are two: one is the 'official kiln' by, also known as 'inside the kiln,' phoenix mountain site in hangzhou; Second, 'jiao altar guan kiln', is located in the southern suburbs of hangzhou turtle mountain area, which is also called 'the tortoise hill kiln', now treasured in tianjin museum song official kiln dragon round washing is the southern song dynasty rural places government kiln products. This dragon round high washing. Cm, diameter. Cm, diameter. Cm. Wash the wall vertical micro prime outward, flat, ring foot wide and shallow. Perfect dark bluish grey color glaze, green jade, glaze juice thick dignified, glaze was full of natural tiancheng, crisscrossed sliced open. Wash mouth with copper, ring foot dew tire are brown, purple iron foot characteristics is very obvious. Wash the insole with a black dragon, its image has been fierce, subtle strokes, but because of glaze juice is too thick, can only be revealed, highlights the more added 'shenlong see a missing tail' sense of mystery. Wash the glaze color is pure, the modelling of primitive simplicity, easy, official kilns for typical artifacts, and printed with dragon, is relatively rare. Official kilns, author wrote the history of Chinese stainless steel wash, the Palace Museum has a collection of such a child, loved by the royal family in the qing dynasty, the bottom with qianlong imperial sense, is the precious. Royal porcelain earth is dark gray to black, thin, glazing thicker, glaze powder green, Fried yellow and other color; Shape, in addition to the plate, bowl, dish, wash thereof people copy chow tai qin and han dynasties of ancient bronzes and jades. Kiln celadon fire sense of pursuing the quality of the jade, first low temperature burning billet, after three to four glaze, glaze thick pile such as fat, then through high heat sintering, make thin foetus thick celadon glaze, enamel as light as mei-yu jade-like stone embellish, on glaze show interweave slitting lines, unspeakable secret. Because the iron content as high as the green porcelain body of material. % and %, which led the mouth edge show grey purple glaze thinner, ring foot side blowing glaze dew tire place also is black, brown or dark grey, the formation of the characteristics of the 'purple iron foot'. This is the obvious characteristics of kiln implements.
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