Famous liquor yue-ming gao

by:Xianke     2020-07-16

the yue-ming gao senior engineer is well-known liquor production technology management experts, wine industry in China, known as 'north high,' said. Authority is completely self-taught wine industry. His age to participate in the work to deal with wine, and later served as the food industry in heilongjiang province, chief engineer, manager. Winemaking career in recent years, high hard unremittingly, he participated in or hosted in liquor-making industry has a major impact on yantai pilot, pilot chohsien, and pilot work of heilongjiang province for many times, in improving liquor yield, reduce consumption and increase the variety, the development of new materials, the introduction of new species, make the liquor-making enterprises in heilongjiang province from % increase liquor yield and % above. In the national wine quality competition, his leadership of liquor-making industry in heilongjiang province won gold, silver and bronze MEDALS, in the wine industry is not developed in northeast China is a great achievement, he got the heilongjiang provincial party committee, the provincial government. Completely outside of work also summarizes decades of work experience, written or co-written 'national liquor operation', 'achievement in liquor-making technology'. The national food development outline 'and other works.
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