Fairy if shallow purple color with jean figure porcelain plate painting friends and relatives

by:Xianke     2020-07-19

Qian An, word fairy, if don't department of tsinghua university, precious little flower's, ZhaiMing reflected lotus xuan, yixian county in anhui, shallow purple colour porcelain for qing dynasty famous painter. He is Wang Youtang student, it is important, shallow purple colored drawing sent late good at landscape, flowers and birds, characters and four segments calligraphy, especially the wonderful painting. The categories include shallow purple coloured drawing or pattern, enamel, color ink, brush gold, 1 flower, flower, the colour and coral red coral red enamel, etc. Shallow purple landscape is one of the Chinese landscape painting techniques, which every is given priority to with light ochre, green color rendering of landscape painting, shallow purple landscape. Its method is to use with the change of the shade, dry wet ink first contours structure change, again with light ochre, this kind of shallow purple landscape painting, to the yuan dynasty created by the great painter huang gongwang. Shallow purple color with a harp and relatives figure porcelain plate paintings, nonyl year ( ) Snow-white, ceramic glaze, longitudinal. Centimeters, horizontal. Cm. Figure for the pinghu overlapping, the bridge shore, slope rock woodlands, seen huts, clouds hill valley, cui compose rock. The authors advocate huang gongwang, pursuing its ink lasting appeal, pay attention to empty spirit free and easy, is naive. By reflecting the fairy if 'three to a lake of clear water bay as a mirror, castle peak column curtain screen' artistic conception. Paint a ride a donkey to the creek bridge, shizhong with jean follows, friends and relatives, locate affection very much. In the century-old tree, have a quiet room MingXuan, two coats meet and talk. Pinghu gradually push the distant mountains, streams, nearly water injection, a boat moored in the rock. Quiet shu kuang is the main features of this realm, it combine to send is interest and scholars glides gracefully to leisurely and comfortable and enjoy the work, is more of a poetic drunk, just think of an ideal, personality. And more worthy of our attention is meaningful form of pen and ink, it is a light purple color porcelain plate during the period of the republic of China landscape painting in the boutique. Map with ochre, and with water HeiShu color, peak ridge, pen vigorous, vigorous feeling that Cun feeds, such as the beatles hemp Cun and phase. Picture words are: 'three to a lake of clear water bay as a mirror, castle peak column curtain screen, when I xu-gou ( Eleven years of the republic of China) Autumn for inscription QingRen mr. weng to play, if write. The eagle 'printing' Bai Wen kisses.
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