Du kang legend edition collection wine set limit to issues around the world

by:Xianke     2020-07-18

a few days ago, by the China association of alcohol circulation, luoyang du kang holding co. , LTD. , Shanghai international wine trading center wine progenitor du kang, hosted by the legendary edition issued collection of wine ceremony held in Beijing. The official Shanghai international wine liquor trading center for global investors. The collection of global limited release thousands of bottles of wine, offering price for yuan/bottle. Investors to purchase according to the announcement date, each purchase money lower limit is ten thousand yuan, up to ten thousand yuan. The offering the lottery ticket placement and the way of combining the underwriters Beijing middle peasants surplus investment management co. , LTD promises, unless the year consecutive working day of every day % up reach or exceed initial public offering, or a year later offered by the issuer to issue price % to repurchase the security. Results of landslide changed shape wine enterprise marketing
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