Drunk with a kitchen knife play a wine bottle climb window sill crazy civilian police to stop was bitten

by:Xianke     2020-07-11

armed with a kitchen knife and bottle up the window and yell at the downstairs tenants a, and will be in the hands of the bottle down floor, frighten the neighbors around 'flee' all around. At noon yesterday, the Beijing road 'building the first phase of A building, A man on A farce. Hours later, firefighters and police to enter the room will be uniform. Point at noon, the building their businesses on empty lots that were out of A building from sound 'MAO MAO', looked down and saw A man wearing A plaid shirt, crew cut standing beside the window, one foot already step out of the window, from time to time in the downstairs. And in the downstairs has laid the lifesaving air cushion. Several police pull up a cordon around the neighborhood, in order to prevent residents from accidents. Man looking toward the window from time to time, and holding of empty beer bottles at the downstairs hit. Having heard the first beer bottles landing, the man of another throw two bottles, frighten downstair resident screamed and ran away, fortunately, smashed bottle has not hurt people. A little later, man suddenly use smashed the Windows of the room, bottles and glass pieces are falling on the lifesaving air cushion. Then the man will coat left and lit a cigarette. 'The first man took a kitchen knife stand at the edge of the window, then took out a beer. Heard that is apartment hotel guests last night. Village resident wang said, 'o 'clock in the morning, the man had appeared on the window sill, men's room is a apartment hotel rooms. Standoff near hours later, firefighters and police rushed into the house while man go to the corner with beer uniforms within him. From men can smell a strong smell. Donghua fire squadron of firefighters is introduced, at the time, inside the room there is a young man, the man said yesterday in the morning, at half past 'shirts men knocking at the door for him,' after he came into the room to see 'the man with the shirt' it'll scold a few words, didn't expect man went back to the kitchen and returned with a kitchen knife, he also rushed to lift a chair to protect themselves, until firefighters and police to rescue them. 'Window sill in a case of beer, we came in and he had smashed, our players small stone smashed by hands and my head, and the other a small tain players in the process of uniform have been bitten by the arm. 'Currently, panlong police were still investigating the matter. Heard that passers-by snatched bring can follow the hand pick up a bottle of stainless steel bottle factory
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