Drunk, 'the old man stainless steel bottle' throw roadside car began to sleep

by:Xianke     2020-07-19

the river under the bridge, a man drove the electric car suddenly threw the car on the roadside, then lay fast asleep on the way. And the other night, the ambulance were more drunk, including women. 【 Journalist survey 】 Yesterday morning, reporters found were sent to the hospital in the morning in the intensive care is the research and rescue wang mou, when he is discharged from hospital. He said the night he and a few friends together drink, after drinking, after more than half a catty liquor in the morning he drove electric car to go home, he doesn't know what happened after, until the wake up in a hospital. Emergency workers said that passers-by found wang mou on the side of the road, in the morning just dialed an emergency number. Are near bar street, the research and so were the drunk more relative to other hospitals, were four or five every night for a few days of alcoholism. And the night before last 2 hospital intensive care at one fell swoop to four drunk three men and one woman, one male and one female also launched a wine mad, make the emergency room: men keep rolling on the ground, the woman is not cooperate with treatment. City emergency center, said the recent were drunk increase many, every night for a night to be treated more than a dozen, and most of the drunk were found on the side of the road is kindness passers-by. Drunks slept on the side of the road especially dangerous, easy to traffic accidents. So, people should care about each other, having a drink or sent home drunk, or family members to meet, in order to avoid the unexpected. ( But not cow with iPhoneS to open beer bottles
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