Drive the police car to vendor - snack lun stainless steel bottle down High-grade stainless steel bottle

by:Xianke     2020-07-17

'a policeman drunk after the failure of our shop, also have a hit the wall! 'PM yesterday morning, have a barbecue operator source said, they in shahe, baishi continent pedestrian street shops before was a cause of play, the attacker then take advantage of the disorder. Because each other open police motorcycle, afterwards they are more unearthed a police certificate from the motorcycle, suspect each other are the policemen. Source said that the two sides is not conflict, the attacker is demon. People drive a police car came to Mr. Chen's barbecue in shahe, baishi continent, commercial pedestrian street intersection, he has over time in this business, usually open every day from three to four in the afternoon to o 'clock in the morning. But yesterday evening, when he was in the early morning xu and hastened the end of the business. According to his introduction, yesterday morning, a man riding a motorcycle two came to their stalls, one is police motorcycle, another women's motorcycle behind that read 'scouts' two words. That was when the BBQ business is the best time of the day, mr. chen in charge of the booth brothers in the busy. See someone come, Mr. Chen gave his younger brother in the past say hello. However, the other party is not something, say sit for a while. Due to stand still have a few customers at that time, Mr. Chen brothers two people have also been busy, in addition to say hello, they communicate with individuals and no more words. And they don't know, judging from expression expression, several people had a drunken appearance, is likely to be drunk. Barbecue up the dispute before Mr. Chen didn't expect that a few people sitting in a short while and not one of them suddenly launched wine mad. 'He put off a table, we got a fright. 'Mr. Chen said, see the situation is not right, they'll ask: is there anything in the past, but the other didn't say anything. And then started hitting each other. At first only one begin, Chen's brother also come and stop the fight, one of the individual with a stainless steel bottle was supposed to hit the table, no breaking, a changed hands will head onto the bottle with mr. chen brother, mr. chen brother hit on the spot to bloody. Legion, see each other, menacing, mr. chen then grabbed a knife to spread, pretend to chop down a person, to drive away the personal. 'We did not have a conflict with them all along, don't know why they come here to make trouble. 'After the event, Mr Chen think of each other's behavior is unreasonable, and always insisted that no conflict. As brother head parts, they immediately report to the police and the end of the business, and to send the injured to hospital for treatment. Found a police certificate to groups of people, while disorderly escape will from motorcycle before left, Mr. Chen will then take the chain two motorcycle lock up. Pry open after police motorcycle trunk, they found that the case should lay a police certificate and a set of uniforms, they recognized, officers in the photo is the person who take beer bottles to hit people. Mr. chen told reporters yesterday morning showed the police certificate, certificate, according to the documents held artificially luo, title for the secret service mobile team, position for the player, the license issuing unit is the shahe police station. After the conflict, mr. chen alarm, and in yesterday morning to shahe police station made notes. Presented the documents to the police, the police attitude more let he felt confused. 'First there was a police told me that they have this person, but two years ago has resigned, now not there, then said, them not this man, this certificate is fake. 'Now, Mr. Chen still officers waiting for the results of the survey. The police have investigated due to head injury, Chen's brother was sent to nanshan people's hospital of the stitches. Reporter yesterday morning in the scene saw, barbecue official also remain on the surface of the blood. Rioters left two motorcycle has been called police detained in the police station. The attacker for on-the-job police shahe police station? Dispute just because deliriously intoxicated, or there are other reasons? Reporters yesterday afternoon to nanshan, police verification response, said the attacker is not a policeman, just security officer, the reason is the two sides clashed spat. Xu, according to nan shan, police said on determined morning nan shan deng a super security company security officer ( Male, age) Luo, countries ( Male, age) Back to the house nearby to eat food taken late at night after night shift. Meanwhile, with the east malatang boss Chen wei ( Male, age) An argument, and led to a fight. Both sides have injury. At present, the nanshan police have been investigating, will deal with the parties in accordance with the law. From playing poker fight a man by throwing bottles dead card stainless steel bottle
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