Down to the old man to collect bottles

by:Xianke     2020-07-11

, which fills the world wonders, people's hobby is various, have a hobby is collecting stamps, have fun collection of jade, a hobby of calligraphy and painting, also have liked to collect watches. However, who lives in southern family members' hospital cultural station government retiree, li bin's hobby is quite special, teetotal but he likes to collect bottles, drink the rest of the empty bottle in others' eyes may be a waste, but for him, be worth collect carefully is the baby. June 21, the reporter comes to li bin old man home. At home in the attic on the second floor, a dozen square meters of the room is filled with all kinds of bottle. Li bin, told reporters that he had a few years after retiring dove, this two years and have a special liking to the bottle. In his collection of wine bottles, porcelain, with tao, and materials such as bamboo and glass. These bottle shapes, characters, animals, plants and ding shape, etc. Capacity difference is very big also, the biggest can carry dozens of kilograms of wine, the smallest only dozens of ml. Now, have the time, li bin will be riding a bicycle to the flea market and junkyard and encounter a good bottle, he will buy. Collect bottles because of interest 'the bottles in the downstairs bedroom originally, to set more and more later, have not put the downstairs, I will the loft free and with wood exhibited a layer frame, will be collected by the bottle one by one in the above. 'Li bin excited to introduce his collection to the reporter,' to look not to understand, you see, I introduce you to. This layer is full of wuliangye wine bottle series, this layer is blue and white porcelain bottle, this' charger quality wine bottle, is I in the flea market find, this a few word plum, orchid, bamboo, chrysanthemum bottle is one set, it is difficult to put together. Some of these bottles have become 'out of print'. '' I am not drinking alcohol, but like looking for some old items. Once I go to the flea market, I found a bottle especially pretty, bought it. Since then, 'said li bin, he is interested in collecting wine bottles. 'Every time I go out with friends or family to have a meal, I will empty bottles to take home. Once went to a restaurant, and saw a bottle shape strange, I came to the waiter for the bottle. 'Li said. The reporter sees, li bin old man will bottle according to sort put brand, material, etc. 'Just the two of his wife and I in the home, what matter all have no, at ordinary times at home playing some of these things, can not only kill time, and to cultivate interest, also can increase knowledge. 'Said li bin, when he finish he picked up the baby at ordinary times, in such a fun mood. His collection of these bottles also drew near neighbors to watch, some people will send him some bottles from time to time. Growth seen in the collection 'bottle wine culture as an important witness, painting, calligraphy, poetry, folk stories, amorous feelings of allusions, ceramics, sculpture, wine history, embodies the bright of wine culture and the civilization of human beings. 'Li told reporters that the bottle is' wine culture 'real, tangible knowledgeable, ornamental and practical, therefore has the very high appreciation value. His collection of the names of these bottle does not repeat, and the modelling of each bottle also distinctive, as long as it is in real life, there is something that, almost can be found here and similar to the shape of the bottle. In order to collect more bottles that oneself like, li bin also read magazines, books about wine, in order to get more information. Now, the whole family are all very support his collection, his wife and relatives of one thousand to expand the scope of collection for him. Li bin old man immersed in the arts and crafts like bottle world, home is a small bottle museum. After more than two years of collecting, li bin old man now collected more bottles in total. Speak of the future plan, the old man plan to do next year a few unified style reveals ark, classified the collected bottle after all the above. From collection to feel pleasure now, li bin for collecting bottle has been infatuated, not only when they eat out with will bring an empty bottle back, is to see trash has a nice bottle, he also ran to pick it up. Flea market is his favorite shopping place, whenever that scarce, novel bottle, he would buy it, so a lot like the bottles. 'Now, my family always said I was picking up litter, although his mouth so to speak, but they all support me, meet nice bottle had brought me actively. 'Li said. Li bin, told reporters that he collected a lot of bottle is more exquisite workmanship, and some of them are on the market is very difficult to see, there are some he even can't say to name. Because he often rides his bicycle to the flea market and wandering around the junkyard, time grew, flea market and junkyard people are familiar with him, at ordinary times will be watching for him, once meet nice bottle, call him, let him take, at the beginning of him back to a few dollars, later, the familiar, just let him take away directly. Li bin the old man said happily, he has his own pension, live carefree, also have their own hobbies, spirit is not empty. In the collection bottle, learn the history of the different types of wine culture, he not only increase the knowledge, but also feel happy. Stainless steel bottle of liquor packaging
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