Don't drink the old man liked to collect beer bottles do not know tired

by:Xianke     2020-07-14

'buy a bottle at money, find bottle legs run off, bottle is not too many, bottles do not know tired. 'This is the age of Xu Chengzhang years collect bottles career summary to oneself, can say very image. Yesterday morning, reporters came to the garden street east Penn community Xu Chengzhang home. On entering the room, Xu Chengzhang took reporters come in his 'bottles collection'. Xu Chengzhang military man, retires in procuratorate system, by chance the bottles with their old age life tightly linked together. Although itself does not drink, can be seen Xu Chengzhang became wine step move people, get his original is those colour, modelling diversity of bottles. In the words of his wife Wang Zhe, 'every day in the room with the bottle, extremely rare, very anxious to in her arms. 'Xu Chengzhang home a whole wall put bottles, and both in an orderly way is put on the shelf. Xu Chengzhang said the shelves are from the mall to purchase the goods shelves. 'Received a bottle, in front of the house so inconvenient, are not much light on the cabinet, so I will go to the market, look at what appropriate, then chooses the goods shelves. 'On the goods shelves are now more than a bottles are only part of Xu Chengzhang collection varieties. Now, he has collected large, medium-sized, small, miniature, contoured bottles more than one. The biggest bottles centimeters high, the smallest bottles only. Cm, without a cigarette. Shelf of the special shape of the bottles is the dragon, the tortoise, elephants and other styles. Xu Chengzhang tells a reporter, sometimes on a whim, he will put the bottles on the shelf, put into rows on the ground, when at noon, the sun shone in through the window, the sun light reflecting the light of all sorts of color in the bottles, 'particularly gorgeous brilliant, I especially like the feeling. 'In order to receive like bottles, perennial Xu Chengzhang visit two counter flea market, once encountered a favorite bottles, immediately beside selling people stand, and they were afraid to bottles, sometimes have to accept each other's bounty. 'It may a few bottles in the eyes of outsiders are worthless, but I like it, buy, the somebody else took the bids to yuan a bottle. 'Xu Chengzhang go to restaurant to eat, don't look at food eyes stare at others bottle on the table. Meet like, just find the waiter help to buy, how much money is not love. Of his old workmates, sons and daughters all know his be fond of, will also help him collect bottles, there are some tiny bottle is former colleagues specially brought him back from the United States. Years, Xu Chengzhang money spent on collecting bottles has nearly ten thousand yuan. Collect bottles too many, many of them into the paper box, the frame and the wardrobe, under the pendulum really not bottom, window, desk, there are dozens of bottles even toilet. Xu Chengzhang told reporters: 'the collection bottle is a fun, let have a look forward in later life. 'Bottle packaging production and sales strategy adjustment
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