Do sculpture art tutor left-behind children

by:Xianke     2020-07-09

the art education of public interest action 'artist with the left-behind children face to face' kicked off in guangzhou university city summer practice activity. Guangzhou university, dean of the school of art and design Wang Xiaoshu, deputy director of the institute of arts and crafts Zheng Shu, guangdong province, the artists li wen, ceramic art expert YanJianHui, children's artist gu fang artists gathered on behalf of the village children face to face with a number of dragons, let them experience the joy of pottery. In the ceramic art classroom, looking at the table of ceramic art works, a grade girl said shyly: 'the feeling is very novel, haven't seen at home. 'YanJianHui and Zheng Shu two artists in turn patiently on the practice of ceramic art for the children. In order to attract the attention of the children, two people from the beginning of the play with clay, introduce the topic of pottery art, with the 'add', 'reduced' to distinguish between 'eagle', 'model'. 'The church children a craft, let children benefit from life. Sow the seeds of a love of art for the child, also sow the seeds of love. 'Zheng Shu, 'says artists won't have to spend in studio art, take time to melt into the world of children, teach them how to create art makes more sense, in fact, the children also need our sculpture art, compared with the studio who put the stainless steel, the children is more important. Ming blue and white dragon stainless steel vases and dongyang woodcarving fusion
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