corner brook, newfoundland offers money for littered coffee cups

by:Xianke     2020-06-18
\"On every street in the corner stream.
\"Abandoned coffee cups have become a huge problem in Brook, New York. L. (
Photo: Sharon Austin/500PX)
Photographer Nathan Jackman told the Western Star that he had started collecting cups while doing daily photography.
Jackman said he would pick up a bunch of coffee cups from one area, but when he came back the next day he would find as many cups scattered all over the place. Coun.
Tony Bakker told CBC Radio that the cups made \"a mess\" around the city \".
\"On every street in the corner stream.
\"As an additional incentive for Ca $ h for the Cup $ campaign, the city plans to distribute four\" surprise cups \"during May 1-27 \".
Anyone who finds a specially marked Cup will get an extra $100.
According to the National Post, the prize for the Cup collected was not paid by the City of Corner Brook, but by the corporate sponsor.
Robin\'s Donuts have agreed, according to newspaper reports, and they are also trying to get Tim Houghton in.
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