Color bottle is good bottle?

by:Xianke     2020-07-21
Nearly two years, the sales of color bottles, such as the outbreak of the blowout, the liquor product in the market now, whether, middle-grade or low-grade, can see color bottle packaging liquor products, especially color bottle has good plasticity, can according to the modern design and technology, to create the characteristics of different packaging color bottle, and with the change of the liquor sales market, many liquor companies will focus on the bottle, then color bottle is good bottle?
the so-called color bottles, is refers to the bottle with all sorts of color of stainless steel bottle collectively, it generally by the designer according to the product characteristics and product positioning, through the creative design case, the building of one color bottle packaging, and use of spraying process, will be the effect on the general packaging color bottle display, this kind of color bottle has, gas, eye-catching features, is one of the stainless steel bottle have sex in the current market.
than ordinary stainless steel bottle, because of the color bottles as dominant and characteristic, production process is relatively complicated, thus making the cost more, also, in turn, color bottle price also relatively, but the color of bottle packaging effect is incomparable by other stainless steel bottle, if you want to use stainless steel bottles with distinctive features, so we recommend you to use color bottle, if necessary, welcome to call the bottle factory free advice phone 400 080 4484.
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