Collectors with ancient porcelain collection not only 20 years

by:Xianke     2020-07-09

although home collection, from the tao han, jin celadon porcelain, tang, song longquan kilns until the Ming and qing dynasties porcelain, but over the years, Zhang Yide did not sell a collection. 'Door' stainless steel he loved in the world of porcelain collection, many investors and Tibetan friend rushed to squeeze the drill into the official kilns, because the kiln of the shape, fine workmanship, and market acceptance, can sell price. In master hong yi, a research institute, vice President of xiamen Zhang Yide studio and home, reporters saw stainless steel are mostly 'door', is very humble. Most of them from the old kiln mouth before the yuan dynasty. 'In the collectors, before the song dynasty and the song dynasty porcelain is known as the ancient porcelain, their modeling and craft items are quite simple. 'Said Zhang Yide, access to the ancient porcelain, is to come into contact with a state of life of people at that time. Zhang Yide brought several small bowl, with his favorite thing in the world. Reporters found that, after carefully study without a bowl bowl is round, or even with kiln slag. 'If things are too neat, do not conform to the social cultural mentality at that time. 'Said Zhang Yide, in ancient China, aesthetic standard is' qi not neat, not qi qi ', so look round, not round, actually, that's right. Like to paint in a straight line, look straight, there is no one is absolutely flat, straight, straight in the song, song of straight, this is the essence of beauty. Zhang Yide like this without artificial, faceted less simple beauty. He said, such a beauty can use the 'clear water gives lotus' to describe. During the Ming and qing dynasties porcelain, although the technology progress, in aesthetic behind. Perfect but not true after entering the qing dynasty, China's porcelain creation modelling, the perfect process. Yet Zhang Yide don't like it. 'Too perfect, real things lost, too fake. 'He said, some people think that complete, complex, complicated and precise is good, this is actually a misjudgment. Like South Korea beauty popular cosmetic, after the whole, is properly, every place has lost the original innocence and nature. Zhang Yide believes that modern collection is a Yang jing fall thick in the field of psychology, it appeared on the aesthetic deviation, because the more natural, the succinct, the greater the left to the imagination of people, like white space in the traditional Chinese painting. Don't put the collection when buying and selling in recent years, the collection craze, porcelain collection is popular in the hot, but in Zhang Yide view, a lot of people in this area, focusing only on profits. 'Collection of beautiful things of one of the most pure emotion, is the concern of people to objects is respect for the history to its original state. 'Zhang Yide thinks, collection should advocate humanistic care, with such a state of mind, even in the material can not get what interests, but lots of spiritual harvest. In Zhang Yide view, if the collection as a deal, will keep the significance of the collection to a minimum level. Therefore, from the start date of collection of old China, over the years, Zhang Yide always only in not out, as long as things into his family, is in the safe. Ancient porcelain growing rapidly in recent years, he also did not budge. 'Collection is a raise themselves, the process of repair and transform themselves, if too pay attention to the value of each items, so the pursuit of profit, the face is not a trap, a precipice, difficult to return to calm state of mind. 'Zhang Yide said. Do sculpture art tutor left-behind children
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