Collectors about collecting widely colour result: meet the high-quality goods in

by:Xianke     2020-07-16

in the high-quality goods moves when it's necessary to make moves He Qing think playing collection are two kinds of situations, one is to hide. Another kind is to form a group, communicate with each other, sharing. He is after a play. He met a few friends: one is the merchants of the old Canton enamel, tell him I have the good; Second, wide color master, there is a new work tell him; 3 it is to play wide color Tibetan friend, everybody share the collection of suffering and joy. He Qing there is a very important collection notes, is to see the high-quality goods moves when it's in the decisive moves. Because many products are not. A few years ago, he is felt most keenly, in antique street, he saw a qianlong chew ( Guangzhou people commonly known as 'juice', of condiments are foreigners) , design of guangzhou 13 lines of business, he is very fond of, but the price he hesitated to thousands of yuan, want to home for a night before I make up my mind to buy. But the next day the chewing has been bought, to his regret. A year later, a Tibetan friend said his home has a, but the price has been expensive five or six times, bought his bullet, now the market price rise again two or three times. Three years ago, He Qing and Tibetan friends also just play wide colour in the home, later, in order to make color for more people to know, in his instigation, an entrepreneur is contributive to build the 'cokin hall' as play wide color, also be Tibetan friends can share their experiences in the collection, put the collection. Collection story almost made large sums of tuition just play collection, cheated is inevitable. Around the year, He Qing went to a shop to buy a porcelain, see is state-run unit, then bought a batch of safely. A salesman saw him buy amount is large, then quietly said: 'my house also has a lot of cultural relics, it is better to look at my house. 'So He Qing bought a dozen go to his house, come back to find knowledgeable people. Don't have to fit (results connoisseur Picked up) Took one look, and said: 'these things do not open the door, Is fake) ”。 Later, he had a difficult time finding the assistant, refund the money. 'Tong, ask to fail' to be cheated, no longer He Qing modesty to learn from the master, 'tong, ask to fail' direction, can be seen that the collection of true and false, year of yield, value, and can explain the reasons. He has a friend and bought hundreds of so-called 'qian' and 'jiadao color', 'color word', later want to sell some environment is bad, so find He Qinglai look. He Qing inside a watch is a fake, but cannot afford to say it again afraid master psychology, only said 1: 'you collection more than enough, and don't buy again! 'A few years ago He Qing antique shop in Beijing saw a centimeter of four dumpling' double lion mountain water bottle 'characters, abnormal painters. Bottles of belly above with English, right shoulder with words, 'made in guangxing' both sides 'provincial capital of henan province'. Vendors sell to him: 'the henan province old things, only ten yuan. 'He glanced at his heart understand: this is not in henan province, but the guangzhou (henan Now of hai) , and 'provincial capital' is a title of the provincial capital guangzhou, guang fu people look is widely used old materials. So quietly call friends get this real bought it, someone bid $ten thousand now, master doesn't sell. Building kiln light collector drying treasure: the song dynasty
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