Collection of recommended watch the gunners pot

by:Xianke     2020-07-18

purchase replicas are recommended the most taboo is buy, often spend a lot of money but buy scrap without investment appreciation value. The most difficult of counterfeit identification may be the gunners contract pot. So-called 'pot of gunners contract' is the most direct understanding, master to build their own false. For an increasingly popular collection market, no fake goods is almost impossible, recommended the market will be no exception. 'Pot of high copy', this is existed since birth are recommended. In general, is has created a pot of purple sand pottery master and other violet sand earthenware artists with the means of the more exciting, more close to the material, SiKe master's stamp, and imitation. Some pot superior fake level is high, such as during the period of the republic of China in the Ming and qing dynasties master some special high famous are recommended, in pursuit of realistic effect, kung fu practice ever deeper, instead of their own level also went up, now even the 'pot of high imitation' also became a collector of high-quality goods. Question on seal inscriptions, system want to fake seal pot, the past will find engraver, in accordance with the original pot, carefully copied for verisimilitude. Nowadays, science and technology developed, the available computer modification to the nearly perfect imitation. On the printing of counterfeit: at the end of chapter, and the so-called BianKuan and colophon printed details such as money, you must seek to understand stone inscription is completed, therefore, the ancient pot signet has so-called 'a' : namely, at the end of chapter, BianKuan, cover with l 'envoi printed on pot, market price nt dollars. Different from other collection market, is the harm of 'pot of gunners contract', than 'high copy pot'. According to understand, in fact, a lot of 'high copy pot' simply indicates high imitation creature, also been sought after. As for not labelled as 'high copy pot' fakes, seal, signing certificate by the author, or the purple clay potters in the secrets of the pot body symbol, is often easily identified, but the 'pot of gunners contract' is very difficult. Mainly because 'gunners contract pot pot is actually do cheat people for their own works. Now recommended the market popular, some masters of pot at a pair of thousands of yuan dynasty, can still unusually strong market demand, a handful of someone rob, even with enterprises and institutions take out tens of millions of yuan to buy the master pot, trying to hedge funds by this way. It is understood that in yixing are recommended on the market last year has seen some southern enterprise sent out ten thousand yuan of money, to acquire national master pot put the thing to do. But according to the traditional way of handmade, a violet sand earthenware artist, even if again hard, a year also put the pot, but most do in fact more violet sand earthenware artists to keep their work standards tend to be only one year to the pot, the market where there are so many masters pot for purchase? But under the high profit, a handful of master also unavoidable to confused by it. The 'pot of gunners contract' is often in the master studio or directly in the master hands clinch a deal, but this pot is the master can do his work please other 'gunmen', deserve to go up again the real master of seals and certificate, who also tell this pot is true or not. The Palace Museum collection cixi porcelain in the capital museum
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