Collection of Chinese porcelain legendary British collector

by:Xianke     2020-07-16

a new yorkers years ago in a flea market in dollars for the old Chinese bowls, sotheby's in New York for February 2nd. $( About ten thousand yuan) For, and the buyer is the famous art dealer Joseph's ace kerner. This period of northern song dynasty kiln treasures behind a price that reflects the charm is the song dynasty porcelain. As antique lovers, you can not know ace kerner, but never not know yuan blue and white 'written down' big pot. Ace kerner, is that year. Thousands of pounds ( RMB two hundred million) Yuan blue and white 'written down' big pot for the creator of the record. And its preference for the song dynasty porcelain, especially in recent years continuous can be seen in the exhibition of the song dynasty porcelain. In the early years, ace kerner, will be held just for the first time China's song dynasty porcelain series. Two years later, ace kerner, died by the near famous connoisseur Hans in Popper's successor, in the song dynasty art exhibitions and sales gallery. , ace kerner, third, the song dynasty porcelain exhibition held in New York on display in the past few years a new collection of rare porcelain of song dynasty. In ancient Chinese porcelain, is China a heyday of the development of the song dynasty, song dynasty in the kiln, pa, kiln, kiln, five ancient jun, your kiln porcelain of song dynasty with its elegant shape, glaze color, design, delicate and pretty, pure stainless steel in China in the history of its own. No matter from quality and varieties, the capital of song dynasty is the China's top representative in China, song dynasty celadon, white porcelain, black porcelain, and under the glaze coloured drawing or pattern is worthy for Chinese gourmet. Because of the song dynasty porcelain only is rare, with a variety of reasons, such as capital hype and ancient stainless steel trading regulation, can really deal less porcelain of song dynasty, song dynasty porcelain before also didn't get the real value. Deputy chairman of sotheby's Asia and Chinese porcelain and works of international head of sotheby's said, 'the northern song dynasty kiln carved lotus pattern bowl is the ding kiln porcelain that I had seen, score one of solidifying technology, is absolutely superior. Or shape and decorative pattern is not very rare, but its refined score and ivory white glaze, excellence, honesty is treasure. 'Throughout the song dynasty porcelain auction, although strength not as dramatic as the blue and white, the color porcelain, but each has a high-quality goods, always can cause the attention of the market. In the sotheby's auction in Hong Kong market, a northern song dynasty your kiln azure glaze sunflower wash sales, after running items. Million Hong Kong dollars, create new world auction record the song dynasty porcelain. The previous record by a guan kilns powder blue glaze paper mallet bottle to keep its 'escape at sotheby's spring sales in Hong Kong cui condensed aromatic - — On special porcelain of song dynasty and ancient paintings 'of Japan, with hk clinch a deal. And the price of your kiln auction, although through the website can find a large number of price, but for the personage inside course of study, will be dismissed, so most of them are not recognized by the market. Only auction results are thought to be a sign of your kiln auction market, one of the most familiar is in New York, Christie's auction, a piece of your kiln dish with million dollar clinch a deal, it belongs to the American collector, Stephen king iii's old Tibetan cook and eventually age for collectors in Hong Kong area. Rare of the song dynasty of China to see a little time, a lot of collectors are holding the 'would rather kill one thousand wrong, cannot pass a' state of mind not hesitate heavy gold to buy and collect such fine arts. Years, sotheby's auction in Hong Kong is a kiln, sold for hk $. The kiln after washing for Japanese collectors collection, circulating and orderly, xu splurged on exhibition hall is a well-known Hong Kong collectors. Compared to the Ming and qing dynasties porcelain, porcelain of song dynasty only a few and far between, and therefore more precious, so as long as there is high-quality goods release, tend to have a good return. In the auction market, however, to really is admitted to clinch a deal the record are not actually many, many mainland auction houses have ever auction of the so-called 'your kiln', clinch a deal valence also reached tens of millions, but it seems to the personage inside course of study, the song dynasty porcelain fine if not circulate orderly, is difficult to be recognized. Cloisonne future appreciation space is huge high-grade stainless steel bottle
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