Collection dark horse famille rose porcelain kiln enamel - biggest potential to people Stainless steel

by:Xianke     2020-07-10

when it comes to porcelain collection, many people first reaction is 'blue and white porcelain'. But in today's stainless steel market, although this is the first 'blue and white porcelain', but 'pastel' as a dark horse, become the new hot porcelain collection. Recently, our reporter interviewed antique chamber of commerce, vice President of shenyang Shi Yue, told reporters he tells the story behind the 'powder enamel hot'. Events: color old bottle or become a 'bank' this is a true story, and the vice President of Shi Yue experience. In '11' after more than a year old young woman holding a color of the bottle to find Shi Yue identification. At first, won't feel Shi Yue this bottle have what special, but after repeated identification, the color of the bottle was 'stagnation famille rose porcelain'. 'I have been at home with this color old bottle, didn't also seriously, recently to move my house. I will take out appraisal, the result was a baby. 'The young woman told reporters. Shi Yue vice President said: 'the stagnation of famille rose porcelain kilns though it is, but now millions of up and down in price. Years, Christie's in Hong Kong at the 'Dai Pingying foundation collections' auction, a qianlong drive makes pink ground color rolling way butterfly bottle become the focus of the auction. Butterfly bottle in hk dropping the hammer, the price in the qianlong pastel and a record of the auction, after China jre clinch a deal with ten thousand yuan in the qianlong pastel medallion ensemble chart dish buccal bottle. 'So, pastel is how to win the favor collectors? Shi Yue vice President said: 'before the invention of the famille rose no color in China which is a single flat, flowers, such as the lack of stereo feeling. Pastel appear on behalf of the innovation of the Chinese arts and crafts, famille rose porcelain with blue and white porcelain, color glaze porcelain and exquisite porcelain and said four big co, is' famille rose porcelain glaze color adornment gimmick of a kind of, also known as' soft color. Powder enamel craft in the qing emperor kangxi period, due to the economic prosperity, the porcelain making handicraft industry development, technology innovation, pastel is innovation achievement. Tasting: 'more valuable works of calligraphy and painting porcelain enamel craft is very special, it rise Yu Kangxi prosperous time. Pastel mostly is given priority to with life story, story characters, flowers, birds and animals, insects, fish and plants still life pattern can be show, full of poetic. When yongzheng, pastel art on a level again, invented a lot of new methods. Official kilns in the qianlong period, pastel its height, not only its art value, even the people of the kiln is also very beautiful. Folk porcelain enamel is accompanied by the decline of the qing dynasty and flourishing. The late qing dynasty, a lot of court painter living folk, 'pack kiln mouth' to make a living, then produced a large number of famous porcelain, such as the middle of the reign of qing emperor guangxu Wang Zhaoming, is the representative famous porcelain. His landscapes, figures, flowers and birds, take another subject matter, the most TiKuan in tang dynasty, the cultural connotation is very rich. Shi Yue, argues Mr Pastel collection must find masters, or there will be no value. According to the shenyang antique chamber of commerce data shows, pastel in recent years, has won in the auction market, especially the Kang Yonggan dynasties imperial porcelain, a miracle, such as in a fall at Christie's in Hong Kong, a qing qianlong Lin chunyan enamel bowls, in order to. A price of hk $billions more. Risk: there is no darling although pastel collectors collection, but Mr Shi Yue also want to give pastel enthusiasts: pour some cold water collecting is not the darling of the forever. Any kind of art is likely to maintain a permanent rise the situation, in after reaching a certain market price, adjustment or stagnation is inevitable, famous pastel and kiln enamel resources are limited, and in recent years, fake frequent, directly impact the collection area. He also warned that clear pastel collection is hot, the value is very high, but the market has a certain bubble, Tibetan friends it is better to pay more attention to the beginning of the republic of China pastel, appreciation potential is very large. High-end liquor sold bad stainless steel bottle factory
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