Collect magnetic state kiln mei bottles of inheriting national culture classics

by:Xianke     2020-07-20

as a great invention in the history of ancient China, China witnessed the development of the evolution of history, almost every period of China can correctly reflect the time of process characteristics and humanistic feelings. So we said, China is precious, not only due to the long and complicated process, it s also lies in its irreplaceable cultural value. Throughout the art market in recent years, both ancient porcelain and porcelain, yuan Ming three generation everywhere always lifts a boom. Auction houses repeatedly refresh clinch a deal the record, let many people see China investment development potential. Picture shown above, is run by light are lent art center offers a northern song dynasty years magnetic state kiln plum bottle, we all know that the golden age of development of the song dynasty porcelain in China, song dynasty chinaware characteristic, studies the song dynasty porcelain for many years, experts have said it 'is not the grand momentum in the tang dynasty, but elegant is too beautiful. Beautiful natural and unrestrained and do not break without, with no make-up, wash the lead China's natural beauty. 'And the magnetic state kiln is one of the biggest in the north of ancient China kiln system, is also a famous folk kilns, and burned it in the middle of the northern song dynasty and its height, the southern song dynasty, yuan Ming is still continue. Cizhou kiln is famous for its production black color porcelain craft, pioneered a new way of Chinese porcelain painting decoration, but also for the blue and white and coloured drawing or pattern after the song dynasty porcelain development laid a solid foundation. To some of the magnetic state kiln porcelain is modern as a treasure. Reported widely cognitive in the market now is a period of northern song dynasty carved brown color plum bottle, sotheby's in London [in the porcelain Weibo] As in the spring. Thousands of pounds, created the magnetic state kiln porcelain was the highest price. At Christie's in Hong Kong to years [ Weibo] Special 'longfeng Jane' to shoot, this bottle of valuation has been risen to over to hk, a career-best result, sold. Million Hong Kong dollars ( About us. Ten thousand yuan) And is still maintained a magnetic state kiln porcelain auction record. We now see the magnetic state kiln mei bottles about cm high, in addition to ornamental design is relatively simple, and the model of 'day price' brown color plum bottle in the creative process and glaze color has a lot of the same effect, so we have reason to believe that such a well-preserved magnetic state kiln northern song dynasty treasures will shine brilliantly in the near future. Royal porcelain of Ming dynasty
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