Collect lover hope for 'journey to the west' art bottles

by:Xianke     2020-07-14

yesterday, who lives in anshun city xu official street, Mr. Ding for help China morning post, said he was keen on art collection bottle, many years ago, his collected from the winery 'journey to the west' art bottles, but unfortunately, four sets of bottle only lack of two seniors pig eight quit to shape bottle, looking for friends and family, but could not find so far. 'Hope home have pig eight quit to bottle citizens can transfer to me, I am willing to pay for the four to let them in together. 'Yesterday morning, the reporter sees in the house of Mr. Ding, Mr. Ding collection of' journey to the west 'tang's monk, sun wukong, bottle as head shape design, the sand monk art about cm tall, about cm wide, violet arenaceous qualitative, each head top official script' Ann wine ', forehead place 'guizhou anshun city brewery' word for the seal character. Tang's monk, sun wukong, the head of the sand monk expression, exaggerated, but do not break lively and reiki, let a person loves. Mr. Ding told reporters that as an old anshun, artistic bottle let him from the local special obsession. 'If a citizen home collection pig eight quit to bottle, I am willing to pay for, let tang's monk teacher and pupil. 'Mr. Ding said,' this is a great desire of his New Year's day, also live to his heart for many years, accumulated a collection. Years nearly Bryan Mr. Ding, collect art has more than 10 years of bottle, bottle thousands of art. Seven or eight years ago, Mr. Ding in a Tibetan friend home see tang's monk and sun wukong modelling two art bottles, promptly fondle admiringly. Tibetan friend know the love of his art collection bottle, after the two bottle distinctions generosity. Mr. Ding home carefully appreciate the tang's monk and sun wukong bottle, see the bottle is series of drunk wine, very excited. 'I guess, this should be the four sets of' journey to the west 'art bottles, return bad pig eight quit and sand monk, I think, at that time must be the four up with them. 'Soon after, Mr. Ding seeking to sand monk bottle from a friend. Later, Mr. Ding about in many ways, find the bottle, pig eight quit to modelling has not been found. 'Every time appreciate wine bottles at home, see' journey to the west 'set of bottle is bad pig eight quit, my in the mind feel empty, eager to pig eight quit to bottle one day can appear in my bottle display ark. Perhaps this is collect lover has a collection of psychological pain has a pleasure. 'Mr. Ding said. Subsequently, the reporter found the former head of anshun city brewery Gong Zhilong Sir. Mr. Gong, 'journey to the west' art bottle is in the early 1990 s, anshun city brewery ready to develop the wine gift wine bottle, capacity for ml. 'Tang's monk teacher and pupil four pictures modelling is entrusted jiangsu yixing purple sand factory design and production, the factory bottle to bring about set of samples, ready to put in the gift of wine production, due to poor winery, failed to produce this batch of' journey to the west 'wine gift. 'Mr. Gong said, when the set of' journey to the west 'sample bottles of a factory, because they didn't expect to collect them, just put in the ark of the office of unlocked. 'Maybe winery colleagues see bottle is beautiful and lovely, someone took away some, later when I find them in office cabinet, has not been together a set of match, the most need is pig eight quit to bottle shape. 'Mr. Gong analysis, pig eight quit to bottle there may be some families scattered in anshun city. 'Picking up trash' pick big collection
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