Collect bottles of

by:Xianke     2020-07-11

'ShengShiXing collection', the bottle has a profound cultural origin. Collection of carving, sculpture, painting, calligraphy, art is an organic whole, has a wealth of knowledge, artistry and appreciation sex, etc. , to the people of beauty to enjoy. Bottle of poetry, it is a taste, such as the 'spring of CV 18' bottle, 'perennial song of wine, two affectionate and HongYa ancient hole found bosom friend. 'Gujing bottle with cao cao poem' asahi le le, carouse I don't know drunk ', bottle inscription poems 'to' to 'poem liquor as raw, lyrics, a total of a furnace. No matter wine rise, people always regardless the month. Wine is a lotus, meat from crossing. Huan 'I often call, white fall since the pleasure. Time is like a visitor, drinkers and complacent. Wine pro is willing to give up, the great secret of life. Heaven and earth for once, like a moment of all ages. In full and empty of Ke only sorrow. Fame is light, but a cup. In drunk often wake up, what is the medicine of a madman. Content rather flavour, known to the full figure making of the tao. 'Apricot blossom village fen wine factory have Du Mushi' old white fenjiu 'bottle' rains fall heavily as qingming comes, and passers-by with lowered spirits go. Restaurant where? the shepherd boy pointed afar and said the Apricot Bloom Vill 'A few years ago, after the banquet, I found a stainless steel bottle modelling is unique, he brought home, put into the ark, become a scenery, to collect bottles. I collect bearing and porcelain mostly, bearing heavy plain, with the essence of natural soil, delicate and exquisite porcelain, dark aggregates a quietly elegant the quiet beauty. I press the bottle picture, calligraphy and painting, coating, memorial, scenic spots, classify the order placed. When traveling, or in the hotel restaurant meal, if discover the new bottles, suddenly shine at the moment, happy home. Some friends and colleagues, and know that I has a rage for collecting bottle, then bring the new pattern of the bottle to me. You have a friend back from Inner Mongolia, to use real lambskin bottles, I couldn't put it down, happy for several days in a row. A lot of bottle, craft exquisite. Archaize type, antique, showily elegance; Bionic bottle, lifelike. Ancient opera masks, they practiced, exophthalmos, pick on the eyebrows, nose high, lips closed, showed a primitive, rugged beauty; Arhats, lohan bottle is smile because the smiling face, that open and heavily, can accommodate the world all the credit. Collect bottles, add fun to my amateur life. A wall full of books in the home, the other side wall, the bottle is filled with colorful, far looks like a mural. When leisure, taste the tea, and appreciate the art of wine bottles. Small bottle wine arts, painting, calligraphy, poetry, sculpture, is silent poetry, is a three-dimensional paintings, solidification of the music, the activities of the sculpture. Through the bottle, can learn about the local history and culture, local conditions and customs and drinking customs. Collect this is for the heart, like the antique is not the average person can collect. The collection bottle, low cost, as long as the notice at ordinary times, can collect a lot of fun. Collection of moutai's sake
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