Collect bottles more than five thousand, happy! Move to sheltering, ideas

by:Xianke     2020-07-14

eight years ago, a chance friends let him have a crush on bottle collection, he set the early goal, collect a bottle. Now reached, he moved toward a higher goal, but for now, the place during the transformation, how to deal with these bottles let he really made a difficult. This year at the age of wen-hua song in dongchangfu songzhuang village, west lake office at the end of the year, wen-hua song and relatives and friends to attend a party, to see a tang fang in bozhou in anhui wine, wine bottle modelling beautiful, wen-hua song last fondle admiringly. Party, they talked about the bottle collection, it was common in liaocheng. Wen-hua song is determined to finish a bottle collection. Later, no matter wen-hua song goes, will consciously pay attention to all kinds of bottle. While the weekend leisure time, wen-hua song also to the junkyard around 'taobao'. Case 2, the manager of the hotel or the waiter also became wen-hua song acquaintances, hotel a lot of guests in and out every day, all kinds of bottle, they will be reserved exclusively for wen-hua song. Wen-hua song says, there are five bottles of source, dump, the hotel to, others buy, bottle is hand in, to friends and relatives. Sometimes in order to get a beloved bottles to undergo a lot of. Wen-hua song said, in his collection of wine bottle, one of the most expensive flower yuan, collect the bottles spent a total of how many money, he does not have special statistics. In wen-hua song home, reporter saw his collection of wine bottle, occupied three rooms in total. There are many different kinds of bottles and forms, such as facebook, water margin, journey to the west and had all kinds of series. Now let wen-hua song worry is, songzhuang village. The upcoming transferring. Unlike other villagers, wen-hua song if you move, must also will move out the bottles. Wen-hua song said, relocation of these bottles, it takes at least seven days, even can move out, resting place is also a problem. Bottle collection: wine bottle each bottle is intoxicate intoxicate no story
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