cold smoker from cocktail shaker

by:Xianke     2020-06-12
If you are like me, you are tall, black and handsome, and have a desire for bacon!
It\'s a quick, easy and cheap way to smoke for making bacon, smoked cheese, eggs, or brewing beer.
We love to eat delicious local meats, fruits and vegetables and we love to start from \"zero\" or be as close to it as possible to make food.
I \'ve been wanting to heal our own bacon for a while, so I read a bunch of good articles on the Internet.
Including photography, I finished the work in about 2 hours and spent a total of about $25 including water pumps.
If you use a simpler material (
Coffee cans/bean cans, etc)
It should take less and you will spend less time.
The idea came after watching MissBetsy\'s excellent instructions on a cold smoke generator: this is a great explanation of how the Ventura principles and how the Ventura smokers work, their last chart explains why I installed a smoking device
Blow the tube at the top of the smoke generator and why it is connected to the bottom of my smoke chamber (
Origin of bacon and cheese).
This type of smoker is referred to as the Ventura-
Type smokers, and rely on the principle of the church.
The main focus is to produce cold smoke and you don\'t want to cook the food, just taste and save it further.
This means that we want a slow burn, not a hot smoke.
Heat pumping is a different process.
Safety issues: wear goggles when drilling, grinding, scraping, wiping, chopping onions, swimming, etc.
Remember: sharp things are sharp, rough things will burn, and cute things will hurt you.
Be prepared, safe, correct and save on emergency room expenses.
Watch out for the fire!
Don\'t leave smokers unattended.
There is a fire extinguisher at hand.
Only use this outside.
Hazards include fire hazards and carbon monoxide (CO)
Inhalation leads to CO poisoning.
Wearing gloves is a bad thing because the edges of stainless steel are sharp.
Let\'s remove the filter.
This wine mixer blends the last cocktail and we don\'t want to stop the smoke coming out of the top.
There are three small point welds on this filter. a well-
Aiming the strike from your hammer might knock the filter off, but I used a cold chisel and a sledgehammer.
Protect your eyes!
It\'s time to start destroying things!
Remember that little cap?
You need to drill or cut a hole on top of it to accept the thread of the 1/2 \"pipe adapter.
We need to find the center of the lid, which is the center where we want to drill holes.
The fastest way is to look inside at the top of the hat
Concentric circles of polishing marks can be seen.
This will be close to the center of the hat dome.
Close enough to rocket work!
You can mark this with your mark.
Place your center punch at the center point of the hat dome and punch with a hammer.
You might want to drill a pilot hole.
Guide the holes of 3/4 or 13/16 drill bits.
Or you can go crazy and start with 3/4.
Don\'t hold your hat in your hand! (
If you like hands like this now. )Ifyour male-
New threaded pipe adapter installed on the cover-
Drill, screw it in or into the pipe lock nut and fix it. (last picture)
Erect the hat;
Does the pipe adapter look vertical? Fantastic!
If not, you will want to expand the hole in the hat a little more.
Tip: if you enlarge the cap hole too much, in addition to the pipe nut inside, just use the second pipe nut at the top of the cap.
It doesn\'t matter if it\'s not tight-
It\'s not rocket surgery.
First, measure from one end of the copper tube-
Choose a round end that looks good, not a mashed end.
Use your pen, on your tube, draw a line at 1 \"Mark, 3\" mark and 9 \"Mark;
This will give you 1 \", 2\" and 6 \"tubes.
Set the cutter at the 1 \"pen mark on the pipe.
Option A: If your pipe cutter looks like the one in the first picture of this step, use the adjustment wheel to tighten the cutter around the pipe so that the cutting wheel is at the top of the pen mark you made.
Rotate the pipe cutter in one direction around the pipe at 360 degrees and then 360 degrees in the opposite direction. (i. e.
, Clockwise, then reverseclockwise).
Tighten the adjustment wheel, rotate 360 degrees again, and rotate backwards. Re-
Tighten and repeat until you go through the pipe.
Be careful, the edge of the copper tube is very sharp, you need to remove burrs inside the pipe, and maybe also need to polish the cutting surface.
If you use sandpaper, be sure to pay attention to the tiny balls that pierce your fingers.
Option B: If you are lucky enough to have an orange small tube cutter in the second photo, just open it and clip it on the tube at the 1 \"pen mark.
Rotate the cutter in the direction indicated on the body of the pipe cutter with an arrow (
This tool only rotates in one direction)
Until you completely cut the pipe. So easy.
It\'s time to make it shine!
Clean the pipe fittings using sandpaper or a pipe brush from a plumber (
T and ip-to-1/2\" fitting).
Remove surface corrosion from oxidation.
Your solder won\'t stick to it unless you do.
Clean the end of the pipe with sandpaper;
All you need to do is clean as many pipes as you can, just like sticking to the fittings, which is 1/2 \".
To be sure, I always clean the tube a little further.
Now is the time for everything to dry;
If it doesn\'t fit together right now, sand a little more at the end of your pipe, maybe the mouth of the sand fitting.
Also, make sure the cocktail shaker cover and horizontal pipe assembly are vertical/horizontal/vertical.
There is a little wiggle room for pipes and fittings, so you can move them a little bit and get everything aligned.
Apply lead using a provided brush or a small finger with gloves
The inside of all accessories and the outside of all the pipes to be welded have free solder paste.
This further cleans the copper and determines where the solder actually flows and sticks.
Start your little propane or mapp torch when your pipe parts and accessories are ready and everything looks OK (
You won\'t want to use a large torch or an oxygen/acetylene welding/cutting torch here).
Adjust your flame to make the inside blue/white cone body length 1/2 to 5/8.
Heat the fittings and slowly move the torch to heat all areas of the fittings until you hear and see that the flow starts to boil.
After a minute or two, your fitting should be ready for welding.
Keep the flame away from the pipe and touch the end of the weld to the connection of the pipe and fittings.
If it melts quickly and flows into the joint, run your solder all the way around the joint.
If the solder does not melt and flow immediately, apply more heat to the accessory.
Do not heat the solder itself;
Even if some of them do flow into the joint, it will result in \"cold welding\" with a small strength and may leak. (
It\'s not the end of the world here because we\'re just flowing smoke and air, but cold welding the water pipes in your home can cause flooding, cursing and emptying your wallet! )
Now that your pipe has been welded, please drill out the shoulder/Block of the 1/2 \"x 1/4\" coupler.
While sticking to the welding pipe, use the 3/8 bit in the drill bit. Be careful.
This step allows you to insert 1/4 of the pipe into more than half of the coupling, which is important (I think)
Used for the Wenzhong effect.
Check your work after a few minutes of pipe cooling.
If your joint looks at least as good as mine, wipe the welding area with a damp cloth to remove the excess flux.
This sticky residue will turn your hands green and will make them disgusting if left on the pipe --lookingTM.
Air hole: pick up the cocktail cup, turn it upside down and Mark 3 or 4 holes.
Place the shaker cup on a piece of scrap wood and hit your mark in the middle.
Use drilling machine (the safest way)
Or hold the drill bit and hold the rocking bed when you drill 1/8 * holes at the bottom of it. Wear goggles!
* Note: 1/8 \"is just any diameter-
I don\'t have the experience data to show that this is a perfect size hole (
Or the correct number of holes).
Do the experiment yourself, tell me.
After the trial run, I can enlarge the hole, or increase the diameter of the hole, or both. Lighting hole(s)
: I mark, punch and drill (4)
Lighting holes with a diameter of 1/8 \"on the side of the cocktail mixer base.
Again, I don\'t know the ideal number or size of the lighting holes.
I did what geniz did on HomeBrewTalk.
Com made with his wine mixer (
See the first link on the intro page).
I may eventually also increase the number, size, or location of these holes.
You can use a small amount of metal plates and screws later to add the damper if needed.
T minus 15: You\'re almost ready to take off.
Now is a great time to throw the alcohol mixer and copper tubes and accessories into the dishwasher or wash them in hot water just to get any residual flux, gas, dirt and the like out.
Don\'t forget the short section of the 1/4 \"pipe.
I chose alder wood chips because alder is very rampant in the Pacific Northwest because the locals use it to smoke salmon and I know it gives people a wonderful taste.
And it\'s not as powerful as mesquite can sometimes be.
You can use almost any hard wood or fruit wood, such as plums or apples, but do not use cedar, pine, fir and softer wood;
They have asphalt and resin which will make your food smell bad!
As my sister Heidi said, \"it\'s wood that makes it better!
\"Next time I\'m going to use bigger, smaller chunks of sawdust.
This will allow more air to pass through the woods and there is a greater possibility that the fire will not be suffocated.
I\'m not sure if the problem is the size of my Rocking Bed (
Hey, it\'s good now! )
Twice as much as a pint. sized shakers (
I would recommend). 3. . . 2. . .
1 now, your fire extinguisher is nearby, plus at least one sober adult, open the rocket (
I mean, cocktail. .
Insert the stainless steel shoulder filter into it like an upside down dog bowl.
The idea is to allow some airspace under the wood chips.
Add 2 \"to 3\" chips or pellets (
About 1 cup, or a handful)
Place a rocket/cocktail shaker on a fire brick or make some legs (
Future structure).
Use your propane torch to pass (4)lighting holes.
You should be able to see smoke coming out of the top in a few seconds.
Assemble the lunar module and rocket cone (
Cover and copper tube).
Insert a pipe with a length of about 1/4-
I slipped to my car in about 4 minutes and just passed the end of T.
Experiment with this positioning, because it may change the Wenzhu effect to a certain extent.
If you want to track this, you can write the mark along the pipeline.
Insert the plastic hose of the pump into about 2 \"to 1/4\" pipes and if it is loose you may want to tape it with tape.
The vibration of the pump will loosen the hose.
Plug the power plug of the pump into the socket to watch the fireworks smoke.
Now, I\'m assuming you \'ve set up a smoking room, an outdoor grill or anything that needs a bucket --full of smoke.
Insert the end of the 6 \"length pipe into your box, cabinet, grill or bucket.
Put on your smoking jacket.
Add cheese, eggs, wheat, bacon. . .
I have cheddar cheese and a roast pork belly (bacon)
About eight hours.
Mission Control after the rocket lands (my wife and I)
Draw a few conclusions: 1)
Bacon is too salty-
I marinated the salt with maple syrup at 1/2 °c and 1/3 °c.
Next time, I will soak the bacon for a night before drying. 2)
After soaking and drying, it will sit in the refrigerator for another night to develop a \"pelicule\" or outer coating.
The coating is reported to allow bacon to absorb smoke better. 3)
I bought some pink \"DQ cured salt 1\" next time, which is called \"Prague powder 1\"
This is not the pink salt of Himalayan, it is only used to marinate the meat, \"contains 6.
25% nitrite and 93.
According to the regulations of the FDA and the US Department of Agriculture, 75% sodium chloride \"to prevent meat poisoning!
This is a good thing and it should also keep the pink color of bacon.
Side note for DQ pickled salt 1: If you can find a local farmer for humane salesraised and -
The meat slaughtered is not affected by terrible unsanitary conditions and you won\'t be too worried about botulinum poisoning, but in any case I will try to treat it with it.
In order to fight against all the bad things that can kill you, \"factory farm\" must use Nitrites, which are called \"free radicals\" and \"This is the culprit for causing cancer. )4)
Water is a by-product of combustion
It has to go somewhere.
In this case, it condenses in the lid together with some smoke steam that combines to produce liquid smoke.
I have a feeling that this is probably due to the tall cocktail mixer;
This is one of the reasons why I recommend a pint of beer. sized shaker.
The smell of liquid smoke is like the product you bought in the bottle to season the meat.
The problem is that the liquid extinguished the burning wood!
So, if I can find a way to harvest liquid smoke without extinguishing rocket fuel, that would be an added benefit.
Also, the liquid smoke went into every small wound on my hand and gave it an extra sting, just to be malicious.
It painted a strange yellow color on my hand.
Brown like bruises
So, gloves are your friends.
Bacon can\'t be a glove except bacon, especially if you have a dog). 5)
Because there is liquid smoke (see above note)
, The Alder potato chips do not need to be dumped, instead of dry wood chips, it does not last for a long time.
In contrast to the 1/2 cup mesquite particles I used to test;
They lasted 2-
No nanny for 1/2 hours6)
Great smoked cheddar cheese.
The smell of smoke didn\'t overwhelm me, called my name and took my wallet.
So, good luck, may bokes be with you!
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