Clear light pastel general tank appreciation ( Figure)

by:Xianke     2020-07-09

the light pastel spring of the ancient philosophers make general figure can adopt traditional subjects, layout of the atmosphere, numerous characters, tight and not random, distinct, old after the match, the lid of daoguang and xianfeng period of tank, but the cover pictures glaze and body have obvious difference, the lid style like a miniature stagnation period, difference of years or so. In addition to the below the lid a small things like skin, more than appearance. High. Cm, shape large and heavy carcass, colour is gorgeous and calm, baby body connect body to draw the ancient philosophers play figure, the composition is strewn at random have send, many characters. Dress color and changeful design scene rocks, trees and the children, young, lively form full, do all kinds of games, scene lively, full of joy atmosphere. The ancient philosophers, the traditional auspicious patterns, produce two generation of Ming, pray for many children, prosperous, its subject matter and the ancient philosophers make dragon lantern, kirin SongZi, etc. The ancient philosophers figure ornamentation, amplifier is not much, so complete is more rare. This tank is collection in jiujiang city museum. The general pot of this kind of porcelain ware not old, according to relevant monographs, it and burn in the jiajing of the Ming dynasty, The wanli period ( See Feng Xianming chief editor 'Chinese ancient stainless steel TuDian', GengBaoChang the Ming and qing dynasties porcelain identification) Qing dynasty, there are various dynasty there is fire, until the period of the republic of China is still popular in the market. Before and after over the purpose and name, but could not be more different. To the late Ming dynasty general tank shape is relatively short, to the qing dynasty shunzhi period basic finalize the design, shape of straight mouth, short neck, shoulder, drum abdomen. Lower abdomen gradually, mostly flat without glaze, perfect round, shape is tall. Kangxi period, it is the general pot of popular period, the modelling of at this moment, will be a round tank exhibition shoulder carry belly, stretched neck, tightening ring foot, make the modelling of the general tank appears straight up, verve grand. General tank modelling is popular, they are a lot of fire kiln kiln or people, especially people kiln manufacture, from content to form are the subjects of common people happy is given priority to, opera figures, fairy tales, the theme of grain is overelaborate, it is difficult to show in small vessels, and general tank tall, these topics can be fully displayed, by the broad masses of the people's attention. MingJia, start-up period, this kind of cylindrical is a buddhist monastery for encoffin and parinirvana heritage by the cremated ashes special book burning ashes tank, to the late Ming dynasty because of its shape tall, handsome, rich and implements the outer wall can use the blue and white, color and so on the many kinds of adornment gimmick, then be made into pieces to watch the display device. The late qing dynasty to the republic of China, the general pot of more mass production, the powder enamel, single glaze and double happy character canister or even necessary for the wedding dowry. Because of its tank cover half spherical projection cover ball pearl tower, is very much like the ancient general wearing helmets, hence the name the general tank. Guanyao porcelain, porcelain with the relations between gong porcelain ( Figure)
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