Cixi luxury porcelain birthday value 40 two thousand taels of silver

by:Xianke     2020-07-18

Chen, vice President of the national Palace Museum in the opening ceremony, said from the Palace Museum collection managment, the nearly thousands of pieces, hand-picked ( Set) China as the exhibits, mostly imperial China. Contemporary exhibition is given priority to with announced personal used porcelain, the unity of government kiln products, strive to show the managment, period in late qing dynasty palace with porcelain style. The exhibition is divided into 'word wedding use porcelain', 'empress dowager cixi Wan Shouyong porcelain', 'great lent China' three parts, including 'the dowager Wan Shouyong porcelain', mainly the dowager personal use porcelain, there is a cup, bowl, dish, fruit bowl, flower POTS, fish tank, holding box, spittoons, such as porcelain, from one side to reflect the empress dowager cixi delicate life at that time. Museum of ancient QiWuBu Lv Chenglong says, deputy director of the empress dowager cixi to managment, the actual authority of dynasties, governing China for years. The imperial ceramics production plant, fire a considerable number of high-quality goods for its beauty. Lv Chenglong said, she is keen on birthday celebration, to tie in with the planning activities, which special fire flower porcelain. He said, as the empress dowager cixi of calendar year birthday special firing porcelain, cost is as high as two thousand silver, far higher than stagnation when the wedding cost of silver two thousand. The exhibition in a yellow powder enamel 'day', is designed for the dowager birthday special fire's own vessel, the porcelain with butterfly, the plum blossom, and pastel drawing patterns weaving through the bat, peach, ribbon, etc. The whole modelling neat, grain auspiciousness. And 'elegance' represents a new green powder enamel map cylinder was the highest form of porcelain fire, its perfect inside and outside the green glaze, the outer wall with enamel paint wisteria flower, peony, set up a thrush, and flowers on a carpet of flowers, flowers spectacle. Exhibition also shows photos of different period of the empress dowager cixi, portrait. The exhibition organized by the Palace Museum and Beijing administration of cultural heritage, lasted for a month and will last until June 21. The dealer with fu sen and anecdotes
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