Chinese art fund launching ceremony held in stainless steel

by:Xianke     2020-07-11

China literature and art foundation - — China stainless steel art fund launching ceremony was held in huayi auction co. , LTD. Start the ceremony, the CPPCC national committee, famous crosstalk master, performance artist, vice President and secretary-general of Chinese literature and art fund kun, party secretary feng linhua. she stainless steel institute, vice secretary of the organizing committee of the Chinese health poverty alleviation project, Chinese literature and art foundation - — Chinese stainless steel art fund supervisors Chen Xiaoqi, national first-level actor, famous crosstalk performance artist Derek Anthony, as well as xi-liang wang, Zhou Guozhen, Dai Ronghua, Li Jusheng, Xiong Gang stainless steel artists, such as, Lv Jinquan each big kiln mouth represents and foundation director unit to participate in the ceremony. It is understood that China literature and art foundation established in years, is by the China federation of literature and art director, registered with the Ministry of Civil Affairs of society. By widely for love and care at home and abroad of Chinese national culture and arts organizations, enterprises and individual support and donations, according to the national policy of literature and art, fine art project engineering, to cultivate outstanding literary talent. Support culture and art exchanges and cooperation activities both at home and abroad, support the development of cultural diversity. It aims to enhance the international communication of Chinese literature art, to promote Chinese culture and art of 'going out', and funding for intangible cultural heritage protection and inheritance, supporting the old, less, literary and artistic undertakings, poor areas, carry out is beneficial for society, is good for people's life of cultural activities, promote the prosperity and development of Chinese literature and art cause for the purpose. Chinese stainless steel art fund source of funds is mainly, one is for countries to support; 2 it is artists donated; Three is a social enterprise donation. Chinese stainless steel art fund use, funding is important to a stainless steel art research project implementation; 2 it is to commend, award of China stainless steel artists have made outstanding contribution to cultural and arts-related enterprises and individuals; Three is to form various kinds of stainless steel art creation and exhibition activities; Four is funded at home and abroad stainless steel art exchange activities; Five is to undertake stainless steel cultural arts training and book publishing. On the launching ceremony, kun said that our country is in a great era of cultural Renaissance, stainless steel people deeply feel the responsibility of history, in order to better promote China's stainless steel enterprise's each work, must want to have the strong support and guarantee of long-term funds, the establishment of Chinese literature and art foundation, China stainless steel art funds to private parties set society, to better support the stable development of China's stainless steel art creation and academic, constantly enhance the level of Chinese stainless steel art and will stainless steel in China towards the world, let the world know China stainless steel art make positive efforts and contributions. This is his second trip to scene, the establishment of China stainless steel art fund, marks the Chinese literature and art foundation has a dedicated to the special fund of China stainless steel art development, will infuse new power for the development of China's stainless steel art.
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