China which runway, qin xilin

by:Xianke     2020-07-18

qin xilin masters with its professional and theoretical accomplishment and a sense of deep aesthetic bearing, look at the broad and profound traditional culture and the arts and to experience and absorb the culture and art essence, grasp the national aesthetic psychology and aesthetic temperament and interest and background, to determine their own art with modern aesthetic to create personalized pursuit, inheriting and carrying forward art, with the development of national and stainless steel in order to achieve the reality with the traditional dialogue, communication of east and west. In the fair, several sets of qin xilin casual design of cups and saucers, at the same time by several foreign fancy, he inspired the qin xilin demanded by customers, letter hand scrawled on the draft business, 'the draft order news was famously. Years, qin xilin in Japan stainless steel during the exhibition, a businessman to find qin xilin design, price is one thousand yuan RMB per piece. The world's rare, and the price is booking, is also a challenge to his design and process. Qin xilin to known as the confidence and courage to design high decorated with heavy enamel craft, the color and shape consistent Japanese culture psychology and aesthetic habits' kirin cup 'popularity, even in the Japanese market and lifted a kirin cup' whirlwind. ' Blue and white, the traditional and passionate glaze, take hold of the qin xilin creative inspiration, on his back and, in the look puzzled people, devoted to contain life vitality of the folk blue and white, extensive absorption of the ancient folk blue and white plain flavor, freehand brushwork in traditional Chinese character, innocent appeal, combined with the modern aesthetic taste and stainless steel process of scientific and technological achievements, create, emotional and the modern high technology of blending high-grade folk blue and white, created the qin xilin extremely individual style of stainless steel work ten years, idle away one's, in retrospect, Lin Lin always, as people, the qin xilin was a dead shot, in, design the production rate and the order rate is one hundred percent, nearly a decade to design a variety of production plan million pieces, this is undoubtedly the crown, is an award-winning farmer. Qin xilin presided over several times at the same time undertake creative design, entrusted by the national work many times to the United States, Japan and South Korea, France, than, Singapore, Australia, Indonesia and Hong Kong, Macao and Taiwan and other places on display, more works at home and abroad museum and art gallery collection process, including the British museum collection, there are a lot of work for the national body product presented to foreign leaders and vips. The spirit. The ceramics capital of China is a magical land, shimmering stopped in the creation of culture of stainless steel at the same time, also have sprung up generation after generation of outstanding artists stainless steel. Qin xilin to wise eyes, intelligent brain, dexterous hands, god mining stainless steel excellent cultural treasures, creatively to show brilliant achievements, enviable, awesome, amazing, runway shines in the porcelain. More than forty years ago, qin xilin still at a primary school in le spoony graffiti, appeared has special swagger, but who also don't have enough courage, a foreign student is in the CiYi master family dense clouds of which stand out, to become master of the world eyes fruitful! Trained in qin xilin, stainless steel college graduates, peers, graduate institute of stainless steel, at that time he didn't play their own professional advantage, positioning in the pure artistic porcelain, or 'white tire add' field, he will look into the far, far away, tenderly into global advocacy and few takers in the aesthetic design, from then on, qin xilin and he hit the gate began monkish arduous explorations. HTTP / / WWW. hy。 Com/pin yuan dynasty government glaze porcelain Taoism ornamentation
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