China sea international stainless steel procurement base - building the national characteristics Stainless steel bottle factory

by:Xianke     2020-07-11

China sea, foshan international stainless steel trading center is located in 'China stainless steel trade city' founded town, foshan city, guangdong province, the total project covers an area of nearly one thousand mu, total construction area of over thousands of square meters, is a comprehensive overall planning and development, the industry convergence of multi-body, provided the impetus for the development of floor tile brand and support, to become different from foshan other stainless steel business card. As evaluated by the state administration for industry and commerce 'national integrity demonstration market of the year,' China sea international together with floor enterprise, continue to build the good faith value idea, positive social responsibility, the porcelain sea international building demonstration base for national credit market. Build business stainless steel procurement one-stop base in stainless steel industry competition is intense, porcelain sea international in stainless steel industry upgrading direction as the guide, rely on multiple advantages, into a xeon one-stop purchasing stainless steel base. On site selection, porcelain international JiHua road line position, near foshan first ring, Buddha high-speed roads, more closely combined with 'southland pottery' SAN shek wan town, along the future certainly will form as the porcelain international sea as the center area of the building materials industry trade gold, have no copy of geographical location advantages. And on the project of form a complete set, porcelain sea construction has a unique brand exhibits, international business trade sector, large storage center, large logistics center and comprehensive service, etc. , has a large conference center, restaurant, bank, telecom, etc. , form a complete set of perfect, the scale has a distinct advantage. It is reported, current, porcelain sea international has attracted the archaize brick, Mosaic, polished tile, sanitary ware, stone, raw materials, trade and other stainless steel industry chain enterprises, including the national well-known brands, including kito, Wells, mia, science and technology, gold jade day hin stainless steel, etc. , and its brand stainless steel also gradually form a cluster effect, more into a base for many businesses purchase stainless steel one-stop. Sets up the brand characteristics of stainless steel market in addition to build form a complete set of perfect stainless steel procurement base, set in the industry characteristics, porcelain international artistic features as more roads, to build 'China day' artistic ceramic tile, ceramic tile JingPin Street 'art' and 'Mosaic expo center' 'section of a street, a shopping mall' three core, including 'artistic ceramic tile section' with the theme of the intuitive features, made of stainless steel enterprises in the process of display also stressed the own brand characteristics, while exhibition center 'Mosaic' become a Mosaic of high-end business, sales, display platform. In addition, China sea international also build cross-industry with dealers, real estate, building materials buyers purchasing alliance, further enhance its brand competitiveness of stainless steel products, through the unique positioning and expansion of innovation, porcelain sea gradually set up its own brand in the international characteristic, foshan and even the whole country is seen as a distinct advantage of stainless steel procurement base. Antique porcelain also has a collection value
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