China's historical and cultural famous luoyang swallow dish

by:Xianke     2020-07-17

luoyang swallow dish is a famous Chinese history and culture, because of the yellow emperor period du kang was named Shu wine, it has been established around the history, is regarded as the source of Chinese wine industry, the ancestors of liquor. Since luoyang swallow dish out, not only is known as the 'world a wine', 'tribute wine', left a cao cao 'why melancholy, only has the dukang'. Great poets in the tang dynasty bai juyi's 'lotus' du kang can SanMen, day lilies solution, the northern song dynasty philosopher shao yung 'eat a lifetime luoyang swallow dish, drunk of covered,' jin YuanHaoWen 'total way lotus du kang, wine every joyous place more unforgettable' published many poems, such as lovers, as well as 'du kang made wine, drunk Liu Ling, sleep for three years, just wake up,' such as legends. Du Kangquan du kang Du Kangquan in a river, for the world name spring, spring gan pure, clear blue, one in caoxibei flow, formed the du kang river. River grows a long about one centimeter of shrimp, colorful prawns, also known as the 'five colours yuanyang shrimp', orange yellow body, two arms, with both curled waist, duck to eat the shrimp eggs are orange, suffers from the exotic. Luoyang du kang holdings co. , LTD. Is white wine into the leading industry holding company, its research and development, production, management, sales and management, which owns RuYang du kang wine co. , LTD. , and henan has the dukang liquor co. , LTD. ( The original core du kang) Two production bases, in Singapore, Taiwan and the capital market, becoming the first is also currently the only company in henan liquor industry listed companies. As the only hold 'du kang' brand enterprise, luoyang du kang holding co. , LTD by RuYang, core two du kang winery restructuring at the end of the year, it also has the 'wine progenitor du kang, RuYang du kang, the national flower du kang' and other brands, which has been formed with wine progenitor du kang, national flower du kang, the du kang, soft continous du kang, du kang aged pit, old du kang and so on six big series product line pyramid structure, involving more than specific products. Luoyang du kang holding co. , LTD take 'Renaissance du kang, win honor for our countries' historical mission, since the end of the year to du kang strategy integration, reshaped to 'fist product as the core, the basis of large capacity, big marketing, driving the development of du kang big brand' the dominance of the profit pattern, sales income of more than three years in a row to maintain % high-speed growth, and established the 'strive to become henan liquor industry leader in years, annual sales income reached one hundred million yuan, among the domestic liquor industry top ten' development plan. The origin of Chinese wine culture
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