China again nature cannot hide a bribe

by:Xianke     2020-07-17

in the central committee of the communist party of China, eight new rules and improve the work style, after a series of policies and the central intensify anti-corruption fight, a quietly budding stainless steel rapid growth of industry becomes the anti-corruption blind spots. According to the report, China because there is no clear pricing standard, some officials, after accepting stainless steel counter will be put on hold its selling at a high price in the market. Some officials after receiving millions of porcelain, but he said to the commission for discipline inspection worth thousands of dollars. ( Date of China economic weekly) China is the hometown of porcelain, 'China' and 'China' as the word in the English language, fully illustrates the exquisite Chinese porcelain can let it become a representative of the Chinese things. At the same time, as one of ancient Chinese specialty luxury, Chinese porcelain have once took out for high-quality goods, and because China is no clear standard of pricing, price is fuzzy, so now it is endowed with new function, become a 'bribe' gift. No longer send money, and replaced with antique porcelain art, combine culture and bribery, not only can sweep off 'degree', improve the grade, its value is 'deep', 'right' don't check, safeguard, it is no wonder that won the favour of big business. But China has again 'elegant' to mask the essence of bribery, the briber is holding the purpose to 'bribe', and send out the items of market value, so whether is used to bribe is vulgar, are illegal and criminal behavior. Officialdom 'bribe' the wind of the spread of important reason is that security is strong, so the prevention and control of 'bribe' corruption, the first thing to intensify anti-corruption, for including hidden 'bribe' bribery 'zero tolerance'. 't because there is no clear price, porcelain became its blind area, to be a corrupt should take scrutiny to receive items, specification items identification measures, such as breaking big 'bribe', 'security'. In addition, the prevention and treatment of 'bribe', still have to pay attention to ideological and political education of officials. Outside of the harsh punishment, but also need to eliminate from the source. Officials should realize that is not a collection of rare antiques is elegant interest, improve their own quality is not from these so-called 'elegant hobby'. Spend some of idea on how to do the job, and how to service the masses is down to business, if you don't get things done more for the people, in the eyes of the people or 'saint'. Officials have artistic accomplishment not wrong, but should never come, from the 'bribe' because 'bribe' is not, and its essence is still another form of bribery. Without stop, it will destroy the social conduct, breed more corruption. For the officials, to be honest and clean are truly elegant. Porcelain and officialdom and bribes: send people value commission for discipline inspection to check values by thousands
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