charge urged for coffee cups to reduce waste

by:Xianke     2020-06-18
New research shows that charging for disposable coffee cups can help them reduce their use by up to 0. 3 billion a year.
It is estimated that coffee lovers in the UK can pass 2.
5 billion disposable cups every 12 months
Converted into about 25,000 tons of waste.
But only one out of 400 is recycled.
This is because they are made of plastic wrapped on paper.
Mixed materials make it difficult to recycle them.
In order to make them waterproof, polyethylene for cards-
Materials that cannot be separated again in the standard recycling plant.
In Britain, there are only two places where movies are separated from plastic.
Academics at Cardiff University have tested a series of ideas to encourage consumers to re-useusable cups.
In addition to the charge, there is also information to remind people of the environmental impact of the one-time use of the Cup, and free re-
Available cups are provided.
In a cafe, three measures were combined to increase re-use.
From 5 available cups. 1% to 17. 4%.
Professor Wouter poora, who wrote the report, said that while these measures have only had a \"moderate\" effect when used separately, \"the biggest change in behavior is when these measures are combined.
He added: \"Our results show that the use of reusable coffee cups can increase by an average of 12.
5% combined with measures.
\"With this in mind, usage in the UK is estimated to be 2.
5 billion disposable coffee cups can be cut each year, and up to 0. 3 billion coffee cups can be cut.
\"But while the cost of a disposable cup can have an impact, the discount for repackaging
No cups available.
\"When people make decisions, they are far more sensitive to losses than to gains . \"
\"So if we really want to change the behavior of our customers, then the charge for disposable cups is more likely to work.
But the British Coffee Association does not agree.
Chris Stemman, its executive director, told Sky News: \"We are confident that there will be a bigger, longer time to develop new packaging materials and strengthen the recycling process and infrastructure --
Compared to other proposed measures, such as charging or taxing disposable cups, will have a long-term impact.
\"The 5 p cost of plastic bags has had a huge impact --
Reduce their use by 85%.
Andrew Pendleton, from Friends of the Earth, said: \"It is best, not
Recyclable paper cups should be completely banned so that consumers can go to cafes and only need a cup that can be recycled.
\"We have seen the huge environmental benefits of charging a small amount on shopping bags, so we know that such measures have proved effective and are therefore a step in the right direction.
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