call for \'latte levy\' of 25p to cut disposable coffee cup waste

by:Xianke     2020-06-19
Members say a 25 p latte tax should be imposed on disposable coffee cups to reduce waste.
Ministers are considering the plan to demand a full ban on all disposable cups by 2023, unless manufacturers can make them recyclable.
A previous study showed Britain had thrown it away.
There are 5 billion paper cups per year, and many consumers believe that they will be recycled when they are actually recycled less than $1.
The rest are burned or buried in a landfill because they have an interior
Plastic lining which is difficult to remove in paper factory.
The Environmental Audit Committee has called on the government to introduce a minimum 25 p fee to reduce waste, just as plastic bags are collected in supermarkets.
Lawmakers say the money raised should be used to improve \"infrastructure\", including better recycling points across the country, including workplaces.
Lawmakers also called on the government to set a goal to ban all non-
Recyclable coffee cups by 2023, and increased fees for companies that do not invest in reusable materials, as in other countries.
Ministers have already considered these plans in a big swing.
After the British prime minister hinted at a review of non-waste management, waste management in the UK has risen
Recyclable packaging in his budget last year.
The government is \"open to the idea,\" but wants to ensure that any tax will trigger a change in behavior, not just a price hike, sources said.
Ministers are looking at ways to pass on any funds planned to be raised to local councils to ensure better recycling facilities, and a group will report in the first half of this year.
Some stores have already offered the price of a hot drink for customers using reusable cups, such as Pret a Manger, which has just doubled its discount to 50 p.
But the commission said that the acceptance of these proposals was low, accounting for only 1-2 of coffee purchases, and that consumers responded more quickly to costs than to discounts based on the success of a 5 p single.
Tax on plastic bags.
A Defra spokesman said: \"As acknowledged in this report, we are already taking action to achieve the goal of\" zero waste economy, and with organizations such as industry and packaging, we have made great progress in improving the recovery rate and making more products recyclable.
\"We are encouraged by industry actions designed to increase recycling of paper cups, and some major retail chains now offer discounts to customers who can reuse paper cups.
\"We will take the Commission\'s recommendation seriously and respond soon.
The committee said there were no cups in the cafe.
The store recycling system should have the label \"not widely recycled\" printed to raise the awareness of consumers, while the cafe with the recycling system should label the Cup \"recyclable only in the store.
Mary Kerry, chairman of the committee, said: \"Britain has thrown it away.
There are 5 billion disposable coffee cups each year, enough to surround the Earth. and-a-half times.
\"Almost no recycling halfa-
There are millions of rubbish every day.
\"Coffee Cup producers and distributors have not taken action to correct the situation, and the government has been sitting still.
\"The coffee shop market in the UK is expanding rapidly, so we need
The revolution of recycling began.
\"Coffee shops have been attracting customers\' attention, telling us that their cups can be recycled when they are less than 1%,\" she added . \".
\"Taxpayers are paying for the billions of coffee cups they throw away every year, whether they drink coffee or not.
\"It is correct that producers should bear more financial burden to help recycle packaging, so my commission calls for producer responsibility reform to reward businesses that use sustainable packaging, and make those businesses that do not face higher fees.
Laura Foster, head of clean oceans at the Marine Conservation Association, said: \"Just like plastic bags that we are all familiar with now charge, at the time of purchase, our coffee will add a fee, this will help consumers to consider whether to renew their Cup with the cafe.
\"We fully agree with the Commission that if 100% of coffee cups have not been recycled by 2023, it should be completely banned.
\"Only by treating this problem as a problem that both the industry and consumers have the responsibility to deal with, will it be re-
It is normal to use instead of single
Use and throw away.
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