Buy the gift of wine became empty stainless steel bottle

by:Xianke     2020-07-19

JuanCheng yuan a citizens spend on a set of two bottles of wine gift box, opened a bottle of unexpectedly is empty bottles, stainless steel look found cap intact, where wine? 'The Mid-Autumn festival relatives sent a set of some brand sesame flavor wine gift box, wasn't willing to give up drinking, straight away, I didn't think of that a few days to guests, open and found two bottles of wine in the stainless steel bottle of a bottle is empty. 'Recently, the consumers' association received complaints, said xu juancheng county industrial and commercial bureau gift wine box packaging exquisite, unlike fakes, empty bottle JiuPingGai intact and also doubt that's factory. Juancheng county industrial and commercial bureau staff check, found empty bottle of bottle did not open the trace, because have no shopping receipts, then the supermarket to buy wine, asked for the sale of alcohol supermarkets stock account and sales accounting, find out from the supermarket in the past sales record, the supermarket did sales in this wine during the Mid-Autumn festival. After survey asked many times, the supermarket manager admitted to do sales this brand of wine, but sell wine have never seen this kind of question, why the free bottle, he also don't know, but as soon as possible and contact. Liquor dealer in another, the reporter understands, the phenomenon is likely to be empty bottle bottles have crack, wine in the process of handling light-leaking, it is also possible that the cover sealing is bad, time grows, the bottle of liquor is volatile, does not rule out mistakes when filling. After negotiations, in accordance with the 'consumer rights and interests protects a law' relevant provision, eventually the supermarket give xu double compensation, one-time compensation RMB to consumers, consumers are very satisfied with the result of the conciliation. Degrees maotai prices fell below $result in stainless steel bottle market chaos
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