Bottle hidden originality small white stainless steel bottle 72 baptism

by:Xianke     2020-07-12

drank liquor for so many years, do you want to on the liquor bottle exactly where it came from? On day, the reporter comes to state-level non-material cultural heritage projects 'rongchang antau' municipal representative inheritance people Liang Xian stainless steel bottle factory. The early years of the republic of China in the late qing dynasty, enjoy wealth is very prosperous, pottery production business prosperous, the most long reach several ceramic factory. 'Spread the folk songs in two thousand three hundred, confirms the enjoy wealth town prosperous scene. Rongchang pottery, although with the jiangsu yixing violet sand earthenware, yunnan jianshui tao, guangxi qinzhou nixing now, called the 'tao of China's four big name', but in the century s, due to the system to not success, RongChangTao began to decline. Rongchang stainless steel factory, rongchang industrial stainless steel factory two successive bankruptcy restructuring of state-owned enterprises and a large number of talents also will flee away. With nearly two years RongChangTao popularity gradually RongChangTao began to slowly celebrated their renewal. Commodity tao is an important cause of rongchang pottery back from the dead, because of the special material, RongChangTao with pottery has been found to store the cocktail party makes more mellow wine, the taste of wine is stored in the pottery tend to deposit such as container than other material such as glass of wine. The growing demand of stainless steel bottles of the winery RongChangTao also usher in a new life. In accordance with the process of the brewery shallow, a bottle of production has been ranging from heavy and complicated procedures, roughly material, coarse crushing, grinding, grinding, molding, molding, rolling over, grouting, demoulding, fettling, air-dried, biscuit firing, glazing, glaze firing, selected products, the qualified product and process. Is lacking, so trivial multifarious now is still not completely on the process of industrial production mechanization direction, in the process of the actual fire, every procedure, still need to consume large amounts of manpower and time.
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