Blue and white porcelain industry remind you stainless steel bottles of liquor packaging

by:Xianke     2020-07-14

wine, with a strong cultural atmosphere and different style. Porcelain, has a unique artistic expression and uncommon taste. Bottle, especially the modern art of stainless steel bottle, not only is the carrier of wine, is also an important part of Chinese wine culture. Bottle wine culture as an important witness, it sets the amorous feelings of calligraphy, painting, allusions, pottery, art is a whole, comprehensive embodies the bright of wine culture and human civilization, it is silent poetry, three-dimensional paintings, solidification of music, full of sculpture. Always talk about this topic, collectors, gushing. Bottle collection expert Mr Lin Song study of modern stainless steel bottle is quite accomplished, he says, the so-called wine with coating, porcelain bottle manufacturing exquisite workmanship, artistic expression forms, can promote the wine taste and cultural connotation, and has a high ornamental value and collection value. Modern stainless steel bottles from production process can be divided into the bottle of blue and white porcelain, the glaze color stainless steel on the arts bottle, high temperature color glaze porcelain bottle, sculpture porcelain bottle. Cobalt blue and white porcelain bottle is to depict pigment in embryonic pattern, after the transparent glaze after high temperature firing of porcelain, after burning into blue, blue material fusion between embryo glaze. Glaze color, hair color green. Quite popular with the wine alcohol, wine bottle collection of love
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