Arts and crafts master of China - Wang Longfu

by:Xianke     2020-07-18

Wang Longfu the float saddle county of jiangxi province, male, born years. Advanced crafts, JingDe academy dean, the eighth session of the CPPCC national committee, member of Chinese artists association. Awarded the 'arts and crafts master' title. Born in 'stainless steel family,' grandfather Wang Changbin, a former qing dynasty imperial kiln agent. Stainless steel bottle net HTTP / / WWW. hy。 com/taoci/lingshouxilie/。 HTML he is good at pastel ancient Chinese figure painting, landscape, sum of flowers and birds. His work for poetry, painting, calligraphy, and stone. 's artistic image, based on historical allusions, myths, legends, true feelings, how to shape the image, the technique of fine brushwork and freehand brushwork in traditional Chinese painting of his works repeatedly won the national center of arts and crafts design competitions and superior excellence award. His name recorded in 'dictionary of Chinese beauty art family name', 'dictionary of Chinese contemporary craft artist celebrity'. Male, nicknamed the 'prosperous south ', 'han weng'. Originally from the float saddle county, jiangxi province, l was born. Born in 'family of stainless steel' as a beauty city art porcelain factory, deputy director of the research. Arts and crafts master of China, is a member of Chinese artists association, member of China arts and crafts association, JingDe CPPCC, the city of the 10th National People's Congress standing committee. Served as the seventh session of standing committee of the CPPCC. Years was awarded the 'stainless steel artists' title. Wang Changbin Wang Longfu grandfather, a former qing dynasty imperial plant agent. After the father Wang Tingfang MeiZhuan studied at Shanghai, engaged in ceramic industry. Under the family influence, Wang Longfu engaged in stainless steel painting, art from Chen Laolian and 'sea three'. L years' Wang Longfu studio. In years, into the lotus pond technology club, club factory art porcelain industry merge into the city. Years, taught at university stainless steel worker, years city beauty art porcelain factory is back. Wang Longfu is good at using pastel drawing ancient Chinese figure painting, landscape, flowers and birds. His works fuse poetry, painting, calligraphy, stone at an organic whole, take its situation verve, saturated slicing technique. A majestic idea, pen and vigorous like, style is ancient fair, implicative washs practice style. 's artistic image, based on historical allusions, myths, legends, strive to express the true feelings, aimed to reflect the real life, focus on exploring the characters' inner spiritual temperament. Shape the image by fine brushwork with freehand brushwork skill. A close-up of a single character, form be god, investigated the natural, such as 'a reed crossing', a clapping said. Draw many characters in a painting, personality is distinct, specific provisions are set each other off becomes an interest, such as the tang SanXia, quality. Wang Longfu solo years, thousands of pieces of works, the main works are pastel anise thin foetus bowl, 8 x 'cm years was awarded the first prize for national arts stainless steel design. Pastel banquet 'plum drawing' feet of porcelain plate painting, years won the second prize of national art competitions. Pastel 'four love figure' feet porcelain plate painting, was awarded the national technology beauty yan than center. Famille rose porcelain plate 'the eight immortals map' the foot screen paintings, by the Chinese art museum collection process. Famille rose porcelain plate painting 'night chibi', 'the eight immortals' beauty thin tire shoulder bottle, made of stainless steel museum collection. Pastel 'b poetic' large porcelain plate paintings, by the dragon pavilion collection. Chair design and participate in the production of enamel 'six cranes with springs' double than bottle, by the Indonesian businessman RMB to buy. In the same year, his blue and white youligong large sea, enamel porcelain plate painting, 'the life of Buddha figure' feet well by Japan, 'China's modern art museum, and the price is for hiding. As a Hong Kong Wang Longfu 'of Chinese cultural relics exhibition hall of the giant mural stainless steel (' goddess' X m) Drawing art, general counsel, directly involved in the drawing. Many newspapers reported both at home and abroad, he was invited to attend the opening ceremony held in Hong Kong. Years, he at the invitation of the Chinese craft gift company, go to Thailand for 'process stainless steel trade fair, and field painting. Thailand the world journal, the star Siam journal new zhongyuan newspaper article and images published comments and his writings. The transportation of his works DeWu figure ', 'spring, summer, autumn and winter' flower and-bird painting, be printed and distributed widely publicized, his art is highly valued. 'Who's who of stainless steel art', 'Chinese arts and crafts', 'dictionary of Chinese art', 'dictionary of Chinese contemporary arts and crafts of National People's Congress', 'stainless steel' in the first phase of the 'famous works' l column, 'the pearl of the porcelain,' the porcelain art star 'and so on books and magazines for their writings to give comments. Wang Longfu successively attended the second and third world conference on arts and crafts, and won the third session of national art generation will silver prize, was named 'national arts and crafts of outstanding artists. Bottle factory message Li Jun li jin of arts and crafts master of China
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